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BANT and beyond – exploring the ways leads can be qualified

Qualification is arguably the most important part of the whole lead generation process. Sales teams need to make good and profitable use of every second of their time, and your company simply can’t afford them to waste it on bad leads. Qualification sorts the ‘likely to buy’ and ‘will never buy’ leads from each other, handing the former over to the sales team ready to close the deal. According to statistics from Gleanster Research 2015, only a quarter of all leads are strong enough to be worth passing on to the sales team. But how do you determine which leads […]

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Lead nurturing: how to tell when it’s time to give up

Dedication, persistence and patience are all absolutely crucial to successful lead nurturing. You need to bide your time, make all the right moves and strike only when the timing is perfect. Unfortunately though, many leads turn out to be dead ends. You could be wasting your valuable time on leads who will never buy and will continue to string you along. Here are 5 tell-tale signs that a lead isn’t interested, and that you should give up and go home: The lead unsubscribes from your mailing list. This is a clear-cut, unmissable sign that a lead isn’t interested. They have […]

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The consequences of ‘dirty’ data and what it means for your bottom line


What’s the worst that can happen if your B2B data list isn’t totally, spotlessly clean? A bounced email, or ending up in the spam folder? Actually, it can be a whole lot worse than that. Each inaccuracy can cost your business money, in some quite significant ways. This is why it’s worth putting the time into data cleansing. Here are just a handful of the worse-case things that can happen when you neglect to clean up your ‘dirty’ data: A potentially lucrative new client finds out about a cheaper deal you’re offering elsewhere How does this happen? Imagine you’ve spent […]

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Are you losing leads without even realising it?


If your sales team is like many others, you could be regularly losing leads without even realising it. There are many reasons why this happens, but it often stems from your marketing, sales, account reps and lead gen team failing to work together effectively. Here are just 4 of the most common reasons why leads are lost, and what you can do about it: Failure to act on poor web traffic conversion rates If the conversion rate on your website is very low, you should be asking yourself – why, and what can I do about it? If it’s down […]

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Resuscitation marketing – how to bring dead leads back to life

Lead Generation

If you keep up with your lead generation news, you may have spotted a startling statistic from recent research that suggested that a massive 98% of marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) will never actually result in closed business. This can be very hard to take in, as the majority of your lead gen efforts end up feeling like a waste of time. However, the reason that many MQLs don’t turn into sales is often because leads are forgotten about. The lead may not have been ready to sign on the dotted line there and then, but this isn’t to say that they […]

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8 tips to generate and convert leads on social media

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Social media can be a powerful tool for lead generation. In fact, research has shown that businesses can boost revenue by up to 24% when they utilise social media for lead generation. However, so many companies simply don’t know how to use these platforms properly. To help you get started, here are 8 essential tips for adding social media to your arsenal of lead gen tools: Remember that lead gen is not the same thing as selling. Using social media for lead generation is not about direct selling. It’s about bringing people into your sales funnel, learning more about them […]

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Telemarketing: How we know who to call

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You already know how important carefully targeted marketing is. Your website is a good example. You wouldn’t optimize it to target bakers, for example, unless you had very specific bakery software packages to offer. Telemarketing is much the same. It’s not the number of people we contact on your behalf that gets results; it’s careful targeting so that the right people get to hear your message. As specialists in telemarketing for IT and technology companies, we also have our own set of IT skills – and oodles of data on businesses around the world. But as with cold-calling, it’s not […]

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A telesales person must have the right skills to represent your business

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Many people are under the mistaken impression that telesales is as easy as picking up the phone and doing a bit of talking. It’s not quite that simple. There’s a lot more to effective telemarketing than meets the eye. Knowing you, understanding your customer First and foremost, a telemarketer needs to have a perfect understanding of what you have to offer and how it addresses your customers’ needs. As specialists in telemarketing for IT and technology companies, we don’t just sit back and say we already know it all. Your business is unique. That’s why we often send our telemarketers […]

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Spend your money and your time wisely with quality IT leads

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There are many ways to attract new customers to your business, but not all of them are equally as cost effective. Where advertising is concerned, a lot of time and effort can be spent on spreading the net as broad and as wide as possible to attract people. With digital marketing this means attracting visitors to your website which needs to be optimised to convert traffic into leads. However, the conversion rate of general advertising is low and can be costly, constantly diminishing your ROI. If you don’t employ a marketing specialist, very often you can end up throwing good […]

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Is the question “Can you afford to use specialist Telemarketing?” or “Can you afford not to use specialist Telemarketing?”

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Business today is all about return on investment – (ROI) and if the figures don’t stack up, then it is not a good use of your financial resources. So how can you strategize effectively so that money spent, particularly on generating business leads, is done so wisely? Well a close examination of what you are doing to generate those leads will certainly enable you to micro-manage the situation, but there is already a problem. Micromanaging anything costs money, so to be financially effective, micromanagement has to either save money, or generate revenue. In truth, micromanagement rarely achieves either of these […]

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