It costs money creating and maintaining a quality database for your IT business

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You or your company may have all skills required to be the best at what you do, but that is not much use if nobody knows about you. So what are your options?

  • An online marketing campaign involving the obligatory Facebook page and trying to create backlinks attached to relevant onsite forums etc. However not only is this time consuming, but also it takes forever to build up any form of database worth using
  • Improve the SEO ranking of your website. This is certainly essential for ensuring that you are seen by those in search of your services and what you do – it will pay for itself if done properly, increase business done, but once again, it won’t create a massive database of clients for you
  • Gain access to an IT database that can be specifically created to provide an optimal target market for an email or telemarketing campaign.

Now the last option makes the most sense if you want immediate and noticeable results. The reasons why accessing a specifically created database makes sense are numerous, especially if it is a database you haven’t created yourself:

  • It costs money to create a database, and expends a lot of time and energy – why waste that time and money when there is an existing database already waiting for you?
  • Keeping a database meticulously up to date is both labour intensive and also time consuming – once again time spent on this eats into your profitability as a business
  • Having access to an optimised database and professional telemarketers will not only get you the highest quality leads, but it frees you and your business up to do what you are best at.
  • It takes time to train telemarketers and if you employ them as part of your business, that is an extra salary you have to pay for

Using a company such as ourselves at IT Focus Telemarketing means you have access to marketing staff whenever you need them but not when you don’t, which saves a fortune on wages. At IT Focus Telemarketing we’d love to show you how we can invest your money wisely on an IT or technology based marketing campaign that will increase your profits well in excess of the money you spend, which is exactly how it should be, so why not call us and we’ll explain in greater detail exactly how we can help you?

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