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Okay, this may seem like a strange analogy when we are basically dealing with telemarketing for IT and technology companies, but bear with us for a minute. Imagine you have decided to take up angling, you’ve done all your homework and then you’ve gone out and bought the very best equipment available. In your mind you have the potential to catch the very best fish you can find. And therein comes the rub. The word ‘find’. So you do the logical thing and ask around if anyone knows where there is a good place to go fishing. Once again armed with what you consider to be a few good options, out you set for a good day’s fishing.

You arrive at the chosen venue and all looks promising, even to the point that there is already someone else there. You set yourself up and cast your bait, waiting intently for the first bite. After an hour, nothing has happened, but the other person who is fishing seems to be doing so much better. In your head you can’t quite work it out as they seem to have a battered old fishing rod and they look more like a tramp, while you are wearing all the finest gear money can buy. Eventually you decide to go over to talk to the other fisherman to find out what his secret is and why he seems to be catching so many fish.

‘Groundbaiting’. That’s the reply you get to the question “How come you are catching so many fish?”  Basically, for weeks before the fisherman had been coming to the lake and baiting the area with the same food he would be using when he eventually came fishing. All he had been doing was making sure that when he went fishing, there would be fish there to catch and he knew exactly what bait to use to catch them. Now are you getting the picture?

That’s what IT Focus Telemarketing is all about. You tell us what ‘fish’ you want to catch and we do all the ‘groundbaiting’ for you, presenting you with a specifically targeted telemarketing service using a substantial database of IT and technology-based clients that all represent potential business for you. What we are really trying to tell you is don’t leave finding a market for your products or services to chance, but instead come to IT Telefocus Telemarketing so we can prove to you just how effective having access to the right database can be for you and your business.

If you’re still not convinced, then by all means contact us and we’ll be very happy to provide you with innumerable examples of where clients have greatly improved the profitability of their business by using our services.

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