Meet the Team


Any successful company is built on the strength of its people but in our industry, it’s of paramount importance. Our experience is drawn from a diverse range of knowledge and skills and when you combine this with market leading staff retention rates, we feel we’re ideally placed to help you achieve your sales & marketing objectives.

Feel free to browse through to find out more about us:

James Abbott

Managing Director


Managing Director and founder, James is the figurehead of IT Focus. Taking an active role in the day to day management of the clients, as well as the office, he is always available to help answer any queries.

Sharon Rogers

Finance Director


With a strong background in business administration and finance, Sharon is the strong foundation for the business that allows the rest of us to flourish.

Clair Crouch

Account Manager


Clair has been with IT Focus for over 7 years and has a strong pedigree in IT Account Management. Her role is to take the brief and then manage each campaign through a strong ongoing engagement

Simon Colwill

Account Manager


My role is to work daily with clients and the team here to make sure the campaigns are a success. I have worked with IT and Technology for most of my working career and bring a lot of my knowledge to bear when building campaigns.

Paul Armstrong

Sales Agent


A successful sales and customer service consultant with experience of delivering results on high level outbound marketing campaigns, for some of the world’s largest IT organizations

Richard Brennan

Sales Agent


Richard has a strong expertise in sales and has worked on many campaigns from event booking to lead generation. He has a strong desire to achieve targets at the outset of each campaign

Ben Clarke

Sales Agent


I have worked with some of the largest IT resellers and spent 6 months on secondment with one of the worlds largest distributors (whilst earning my Cisco Datacenter Unified Computing Account Manager’s certificate)

Simon Davies

Account Manager

simon D1

Simon has been with IT Focus for nearly 4 years and has recently been promoted to an Account Manager. Already he’s showing signs of flourishing in his role and is well liked by his clients

Nick Evans

Sales Agent


Nick has been with IT Focus for around 6 years, and specialises in IT Support and Managed Services. His strength is that he likes to work closely with his clients to form lasting relationships

Daniel Fitzhenry

Man City Supporter


Daniel has been with us for over a year now and is settling in well. He has a dual role of sales agent and part time comedian. A mix that can come in useful sometimes

James Giles

Sales Agent


Known in the office as “Gilo”. Hard working individual who came from a telesales background. Been with IT Focus for over 5 years and part of the senior staff. Strengths include comms and Application Development

Chris Godfrey

Sales Agent


Chris joined IT Focus 3 years ago. Sales trained on .net web CMS Sitecore with a strong background in dealing with public sector organisations through G Cloud vendor clients for Cloud and Infrastructure services

Sayde Handrick

Sales Agent


Sayde has a strong background in event booking and data management. Her attention to detail and thorough approach to her work makes her a valuable asset to IT Focus

Daisy Hayes

Sales Agent


Daisy is somewhat vertically challenged, but she doesn’t let this get in her way (unless she’s trying to reach the top shelf). She has been with IT Focus for just over 18 months after a long background in Telecoms.

Henry Herrera

Sales Agent


Henry has a long standing career in sales and is one of the most capable telephone operatives we’ve ever had. His calm and assuring telephone manner always goes down well with prospects

Ben Hill

Sales Agent


Ben started in May 2008. He was a local DJ with a career was going nowhere. In fact, he’s still a local DJ whose career is going nowhere. Ever since he got the job here he has developed an appetite for “getting on the board”

Stephen Johnston

Sales Agent


Steve has over 17 years’ experience in the IT and Telecoms Sectors. His previous role was at Thus, Cable & Wireless and he joined the IT Focus team just over a year ago now

John-Paul Kingdom

Sales Agent


JP is very dedicated hardworking individual with a strong area of expertise in IT Support and Managed Services, where he’s had great success

Jade Kirsop

Sales Agent


Jade is enthusiastic and driven to succeed in all that she does. Having undertaken a number of successful campaigns, she is capable of conveying complex propositions to board level contacts

Rhys Morgan

Sales Agent


Rhys has a background in telemarketing/sales and has worked for IT Focus for the last 4 years, covering most types of campaigns in the IT Focus portfolio

Simon Ramsden

Sales Agent


Simon is one of the hardest workers we have in the team and has an unrivaled hunger and ability to succeed. Specialises in high level software sales and he’s a real asset

Gavin Read

Sales Agent


Worked on a variety of campaigns in my 7 years here, including Web & Email Security, IT Accreditation & Training, Software Testing, IT Support & Managed Services and IT Disposal & Recycling

Andrew Viles

Sales Agent


Andrew has been with us for over 4 years, specialising in the areas of IT Support, Managed Services, Network and Storage. He is Cisco certified with an Account Manager accreditation under his belt

Derryn Vranch

Sales Agent


A fairly new member to the team, Derryn specialises in IT support, software development applications, professional recycling and asset disposal within the public and education sector