Our Systems for Telemarketing Services

A key to success in telemarketing services or projects is working with a solid foundation. IT Focus uses only the most efficient, highly optimised systems. Our data and CRM systems are the backbone of every one of our campaigns, allowing fast access to a vast database of crucial information and a highly optimised CRM system that makes calling as effective as possible.

  • Data: IT Focus has a UK-wide database of over 500,000 companies that forms the backbone of our telemarketing services and campaigns. In fact, every company in the UK with more than 5 employees is in our extensive database. We also have over 600,000 active email addresses and an impressive 1.2 million contacts. Our data is fully profiled by number of users, with details of location, employees, turnover, website address, industry type and phone number. This enables us to provide the kind of telemarketing services that enable you to target companies that fit your exact profile and are the perfect fit for your services, so you aren’t wasting time on calls that won’t lead to the results you want. Using our database, your sales force can make each call more productive and make the very best use of their time. Our data also contains multiple IT contacts per organisation, with job titles, email addresses and mobile/direct dials. Best of all, we provide the data free of charge when you use our telemarketing and data services.
  • CRM: We have developed a highly customised, bespoke telemarketing system that enables our agents to access all the key information they need at their fingertips. Call backs can be set, prospects flagged and leads generated – all in just a few seconds. All of our daily and weekly reports are generated directly from our CRM, granting you immediate access to the up-to-date, relevant information you need.

Want to know more about the systems we use? Give us a call on 0845 337 0252 and we’ll be happy to give you more information.


Over the years, we have developed a key understanding of all the various elements of data management and how software helps empower this. By working with IT Focus, you get immediate access to years of knowledge and experience in this key area of marketing and lead generation.

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