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The consequences of ‘dirty’ data and what it means for your bottom line


What’s the worst that can happen if your B2B data list isn’t totally, spotlessly clean? A bounced email, or ending up in the spam folder? Actually, it can be a whole lot worse than that. Each inaccuracy can cost your business money, in some quite significant ways. This is why it’s worth putting the time into data cleansing. Here are just a handful of the worse-case things that can happen when you neglect to clean up your ‘dirty’ data: A potentially lucrative new client finds out about a cheaper deal you’re offering elsewhere How does this happen? Imagine you’ve spent […]

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Break Down of B2B Marketing Challenges


Effective marketing is arguably the most significant aspect of a successful B2B strategy for any business in the IT field. Of course, without a strong internal sales team, it is near impossible to fulfil revenue expectations, much less increase profits. However, to make good use of sales professionals, you need to provide them with plenty of qualifying leads. Furthermore, if you can identify enough highly interested prospects, you can increase conversions for your team regardless of their current level of effectiveness. Looking into specialist telemarketing for IT and technology companies is probably your best solution but, provided you have ample […]

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