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Creating a database is no easy task, and one made appreciably harder if that database has to be very specific. We all hate being bombarded with emails for products and services that are of little interest to us, and at IT Focus Telemarketing we pride ourselves on being exceptionally accurate with our marketing campaigns carried out for clients. Part of the reason we need to be so accurate is because we both want and need to get results for our clients, and the best way to do that is to ensure the recipient of any marketing emails from us recognises […]

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Get instant access to a tailor-made IT and technology-based database


Okay, this may seem like a strange analogy when we are basically dealing with telemarketing for IT and technology companies, but bear with us for a minute. Imagine you have decided to take up angling, you’ve done all your homework and then you’ve gone out and bought the very best equipment available. In your mind you have the potential to catch the very best fish you can find. And therein comes the rub. The word ‘find’. So you do the logical thing and ask around if anyone knows where there is a good place to go fishing. Once again armed […]

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