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Creating a database is no easy task, and one made appreciably harder if that database has to be very specific. We all hate being bombarded with emails for products and services that are of little interest to us, and at IT Focus Telemarketing we pride ourselves on being exceptionally accurate with our marketing campaigns carried out for clients. Part of the reason we need to be so accurate is because we both want and need to get results for our clients, and the best way to do that is to ensure the recipient of any marketing emails from us recognises and understands why they have been contacted. The last thing we need is for our emails to be jettisoned to the recycle bin before they have even been read! It is also vital that when you turn to us for access to a specifically targeted market, our data is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

So if you have the product or services that relate specifically to the IT or technology market, then there is only one sector of the market you are going to want to market your products to. In addition, when you get the response you need, you need to ensure you are getting a response from quality leads and genuine potential customers. What you don’t want is to be inundated by what we call ‘tyre kickers’ – people who will have a good look at a product and may even take it for a test drive, but who have no intention whatsoever of making a purchase or being profitable for your business in any way. If we carry out a telemarketing campaign on your behalf you can be guaranteed quality leads from genuine potential clients. You see at IT Focus Telemarketing, we won’t just send you hundreds of leads just to make us look good – we will send you leads that will make you look good, and want to come back to us. Like you, we are a results-based business, and we wouldn’t exist if we weren’t getting the right results for our clients. So if you are involved in IT and technology and need help with marketing any of your products or services, then please make sure you give us a call.

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