How To Use Your Website Visitor Data

website-monitoringEvery business monitors the traffic and visitor flow directed to their company website, but how many people know what to do with that data?

We get approached by our clients who are unsure what to do with the data they have collected using various monitoring tools. Most companies will use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics for their company as these are free, but some then use a premium monitoring software on top of these to access greater details of each visit. We come across it all too often, a business will be using and paying for all of these monitoring software solutions but will not know how to use the data that comes out of them.

Here at IT Focus we have had great success in a unique marketing technique using this type of data. Because of the nature of our business and the amount of data we have in house we can offer website monitoring marketing to our clients. We will take the data from a company website monitoring tool and cross reference all the details with our in house data and information to pull out names, email address and business names of who has visited your website. If a business is not running a monitoring tool we can monitor your website for your for a week or a month and collect the data on your behalf.

Because our data is constantly growing and being updated we have up to date information on thousands of businesses in the UK and abroad. Armed with our IP address business matching software we can collect in depth information that a standard marketing tool may not.

Then what do we do? Once we have cross matched all of the data, we can then create a marketing campaign around it. Send out an email campaign to the warm marketing list, monitor opens and clicks of the mailer and to follow this up we will create a telemarketing campaign. The telemarketing will then produce leads from the information and you would look to generate more business.

All of this from a visit to your website. If handled correctly the data is so valuable to your marketing efforts, if you would like to discuss your marketing ideas then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.

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