8 tips to generate and convert leads on social media

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Social media can be a powerful tool for lead generation. In fact, research has shown that businesses can boost revenue by up to 24% when they utilise social media for lead generation.

However, so many companies simply don’t know how to use these platforms properly. To help you get started, here are 8 essential tips for adding social media to your arsenal of lead gen tools:

  1. Remember that lead gen is not the same thing as selling. Using social media for lead generation is not about direct selling. It’s about bringing people into your sales funnel, learning more about them and their pain points so that you can eventually turn them into sales.
  2. Choose the right channels. This is simple – go where your customers are. You need to understand your target audience and prioritise your resources, so don’t waste time on the wrong channels. For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is usually a safe bet followed closely by Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Run a contest. Such a simple idea, but it is highly recommended for drumming up interest in your company. These leads won’t be the most qualified – as lots of the competition entries will simply be after a freebie – but you will be able to gather emails for your list.
  4. Run a survey. This is another way to encourage engagement from users, but it has an even more crucial benefit. Polls and surveys give you a better insight into your customers, what their pain points are and even how they are using your product. This is information you can use to turn respondents into paying customers, as well as to adjust your selling techniques.
  5. Provide gated access to irresistible content. This will attract your target audience, who are interested in your products and the insight you can offer into their industry – so it can create better qualified leads.
  6. Treat your Facebook page like a website. You have a strong call to action on your website and landing pages, and you encourage new subscribers to sign up – so why not on your Facebook page too? This is so important if social media is where your customers are more likely to find you.
  7. Track brand mentions. You need to be right on top of what people are saying about your brand on social media, as you could be missing out on easy leads. For example, is someone asking for a recommendation or even recommending your company to a friend? Tracking these mentions is easy with a monitoring tool, and it means that you can take the initiative and pick up leads who have expressed genuine interest in what you have to offer. Don’t forget to include common misspellings when setting up your monitoring searches.
  8. Create events. Simply posting and advertising on social media can be a little static, so why not create your own event? It could be a Twitter chat or a Facebook live video – all time-sensitive and all far more dynamic when it comes to user engagement.
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