Case Studies

IT Sector Case Studies

We are very proud of the work we have done for our clients. If you click on some of the case studies below, hopefully you will see our clients feel the same way!


Capita plc has worked with IT Focus, as an extension to their existing Telemarketing activity, since 2011.

Managed 24/7

IT Focus won a tender selection process to provide an outsourced telemarketing solution for Managed247.


We initially approached IT Focus in 2008 when we were trading as Maconomy, which was our core ERP solution.


Working in conjunction with Sophos. IT Focus identified target customers and were tasked with promoting these quarterly events to them.


We researched several telemarketing firms before choosing IT Focus. They looked impressive, and they gave off the right vibes.


We have been working with IT Focus Telemarketing since early 2012 and have completed around 17 campaigns to date with many more in the pipeline.

Our goal is to develop a thorough understanding of the technology that underpins the message you want us to deliver. By doing this, we can communicate your value proposition in a clear and concise manner to the people that are important to you: your future customers.