Data Services

Data Services

Good data is the foundation of any lead generation campaign. Whether you are looking to purchase new data, take advantage of our data or profile/enhance your own data, we can help you. Through our network of data providers, we can source/enhance data across many different areas.

If you are looking to enhance your own CRM data, then we can help you through a number of different data services:

Data Procurement

Over a period of time, IT Focus has developed a fantastic relationship with all the major data brokers in the UK and Europe; why not take advantage of this? Whether you are looking to procure a list based on simple selection criteria, or looking for data that is selected against complex IT infrastructure, we will find a broker that will be the perfect match for your needs.

Data Profiling

Do you need to develop a better understanding of the IT infrastructure your customers and prospects have adopted? Do you need to know what IT infrastructure your target accounts have, or more importantly, are they even within your target audience? By running a data profiling exercise against an existing data set, you can help to really target your future marketing campaigns and ultimately, save money.

Data Cleansing

There’s no bigger drain on valuable marketing funds than inaccurate data. Time and money spent on cleaning your customer and prospect data is time and money well spent. By commissioning IT Focus to do this laborious job for you, you will benefit from a full data audit of your original data, ongoing statistical reports and a full project analysis once the campaign has finished.

Data Appending / Matching

Using sophisticated data matching software we can scan your existing data lists against both our own data and also our extensive list of data partners. This will allow us to append up to date company level information (address, phone number, website, industry, employees etc.) as well as contact information (extra contacts, email addresses, job titles etc.) Feel free to get in touch and we can tell you more about this service.