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Our IT Data Services – Data Appending/Matching

Stay up-to-date and get the best from your data with IT Focus

IT Focus is not only a specialist in data management for the technology industry, but we also use some of the most sophisticated data matching software available. This enables us to electronically scan your existing data lists and cross-reference them against our own data and that of our extensive list of data partners. We only work with some of the best data experts and brokers in the business, so we can be sure our data is the best quality.

Our data experts use our software to cleanse data, to remove duplicate records and inaccurate contact information. We also use it to ensure that your data is completely up-to-date. Our data appending service updates company level information, such as addresses, phone numbers, employee stats and website information. We can also append additional information, such as updated job titles, extra contacts and email addresses.


Ensuring information and contact details are up-to-date can be a time-consuming process, but not doing it can cause you to miss valuable opportunities with customers who are interested in your business. It can also be a huge waste of marketing and lead generation activity, as well as potentially damaging your reputation by contacting individuals who don’t want to be contacted.

By appointing IT Focus to provide your IT data services and keep your data clean, accurate and updated, you can make your business more efficient and get more value from your data. You don’t have the time for data management, but we do – and we’re specialists in this area. To find out more about data appending services from IT Focus, call us on 0330 058 0100 for a friendly chat with one of our team.

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