10 Telemarketing Tips for Beginners

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Telemarketing for Beginners

If you’re new to telemarketing, or marketing in general, coming to terms with a whole new world of acronyms, processes and ‘talking to strangers’ can be daunting. The good news is that the realities of telemarketing are much easier and much more effective than you might think.

As a beginner just starting out in this ever-growing sector, it can be difficult to know where to start. But in this blog we have compiled 10 effective tips for you to help kickstart your career in the exciting world of B2B (Business to Business) telemarketing:

  1.   Plan Ahead

When you’re starting out as a telemarketer, it’s important to plan ahead. If you know the businesses you’re calling, find out who the best person to speak to is by name. Look at their website, LinkedIn page, and social media. It will always help your call by asking to speak to a person, rather than a vague title.

  1.   Don’t Sound Like A Telemarketing Robot

We’ve all experienced the negative aspects of telemarketing. Those robotic voices at the end of the phone reading from a boring, overused script. Don’t be that person. To be effective at telemarketing you need to sound relaxed and natural when talking to someone.

  1.   Annunciate

When speaking to people, it’s important to be clear. It’s hard when you’re nervous but concentrate on speaking slowly and concisely. If nerves are getting the better of you, try taking some slow, deep breaths.

  1.   No Cliches

You’ll have heard the typical introductions and overly rehearsed lines when you’ve been called by telemarketers. Avoid those! People are sick of hearing them. Aim for that natural tone and flow we mentioned in tip No. 2 in your interactions with clients. And avoid the overused phrases that make people switch off straight away.

  1.   What Works For Them?

This is something that might take a little time to perfect, but it’s important to make your telemarketing career a success. When speaking to clients, as well as doing your research, it’s worth trying to understand what works for your client. Is what they want feasible? How can you help them achieve it? This will involve interpreting calls and reacting on the fly to what they say.

  1.   Toughen Up

There’s no getting around it, telemarketing is hard. You’re going to face rejection, rude people, and lots of hang-ups. The best tip is to build up resilience to it all. Focus on the goal and if it doesn’t work out with one caller, dust yourself off and move onto the next with positivity. Don’t let disappointment linger in your mind. Your next client wants the best you available.

  1.   The Numbers Game

When working as a B2B telemarketer, the number of successes you get is going to be directly related to the number of calls you make. No calls will always equal no success. So, get the ratio to work in your favour. And this is going to be reflected in the success of your calls.

  1.   Practice Makes Perfect

As we’ve said, you’re going to face roadblocks, particularly in the beginning. For every roadblock, challenge or push back you get, take it on board and work out strategies to overcome them the next time they appear. You’ll gradually build up a whole repertoire of ways to get over them and push on with your goals.

  1.   Good Question Get Good Answers

If you want to create a successful career in telemarketing, then it’s going to be built on strong sales, conversions, and interactions. If you want to get to the bottom of your customer’s needs, then you’ll only get that by asking the right questions. Ones that are open-ended and demonstrate an interest will always work best.

  1. Learn From Mistakes

As with any job, there’s going to be a learning curve and you’re going to make mistakes. It’s important not to beat yourself up about them and instead learn from them. You’re going to face rejection as a telemarketer more than in many other industries. But this should inspire you to go again. What was it that didn’t work and what could you do differently? Turn bad experiences into good practice and you’ll be a step closer to success.

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