4 Outbound Telemarketing Mistakes to Avoid

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The practice of outbound telemarketing is when companies call people or companies to explain why they would benefit from purchasing a particular service or product. Though there can be some stigma towards this particular marketing strategy, the truth is that it is one of the most commonly used marketing techniques.

However, as time goes on these strategies either need to evolve with the changes or die in the past. To reach a positive outcome from your telemarketing campaign, such as increasing your customers and achieving a high ROI, avoid the mistakes below to ensure you give your campaign the best chance of success.

1. Targeting Everyone & No One

One of the keys to good marketing is to have a target audience. This target audience is usually a particular type of person, or company, that requires a service or product that the outbound telemarketers are representing.

One of the biggest mistakes that outbound telemarketers make is targeting no one in particular, and just trying to sell whoever answers the phone. By assuming anyone can use their services, they take away the unique, interesting quality of their products. Instead, work with a telemarketing company to identify your target customer and tailor your campaign to appeal to them.

2. Not Listening

Sometimes telemarketers think the best way to convince a potential client they need their services or products is to talk, and talk. This rattling on and on, trying to sound convincing, often doesn’t allow the listener to get a word in. People buy from other people. This means acknowledging a client’s wants and needs, otherwise you could easily turn off the prospect.

This excessive explaining makes it more difficult for the client to answer any questions. Following a set script or precise talking points also makes it difficult to answer the questions posed. Simply by listening to a prospect and reacting to what they’re saying, you give your campaign a much bigger chance of success.


3. Following a Script

The biggest cliché of an outbound telemarketing company is to strictly follow a script for every phone call. Another big marketing strategy, proven to be effective, is using a conversational tone.

People feel more connected to the person on the other end of the line if they can just talk back and forth in a friendly, inviting manner. When telemarketers follow a script they cam often sound robotic, not leaving much room for conversations to take off.

4. Not Knowing Their Data

When taking on the role of telemarketer, some may think that all they need is the information on the services or products, and the data on why they work for the target audience, and they’re good to go. However, this can lead to difficult conversations on the phone.

For instance, they can have all the data they could possibly need sitting in front of them, but can they explain it? Without actually understanding the data, these potential clients can become disinterested or make the telemarketers seem untrustworthy.

Avoiding these four mistakes in outbound telemarketing can help the company to flourish, leading to better conversations and overall more pleasant feedback about their marketing team.

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