5 of the best lead gen tools for IT companies

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If you want to create new sales opportunities for your business, you’ll need to take lead generation seriously.

But it can be very difficult to know where to begin – where do you start searching for the contacts that want or need your product? How will you keep your contacts list organised, track progress and ultimately, turn leads into sales?

The right tools can help. Software aimed at automating and streamlining lead generation for IT companies is widely available. It can help you explore whether you can handle lead gen in-house, or if you’d be better off outsourcing to a specialist.

HubSpot Marketing

When it comes to CRM, sales, marketing and lead generation, HubSpot does pretty much everything. You can use HubSpot Marketing to capture and store leads, and it can integrate with your own CRM if you have one (or you can plug it into HubSpot’s own CRM). Using the tool, you can plan IT lead generation and nurturing campaigns from start to finish, developing a pipeline through to your sales team that works for your business.

Lead Forensics

This is an IP tracking tool which can be hugely helpful in B2B lead generation for IT companies, as it lets you see who’s visiting your website. When someone visits your site and clicks away, Lead Forensics provides you with their company name and contact based on their IP address. It’s all GDPR compliant and above board, and it could provide a direct line to businesses that are already interested in your product.


Datanyze is tailor-made for IT and tech firms looking for new opportunities. It’s a ‘technographics’ specialist, aiming to speed up lead generation for IT companies by showing them what other software your site visitors, customers or prospects are already using. You can use this valuable insight to see which visitors use your competitor’s software, and how your product could be the solution they’ve been looking for.

This outbound sales tool can help you to personalise your messaging and website landing pages, creating custom CTAs to appeal to specific visitor groups.


ActiveCampaign is a great email marketing and CRM solution for smaller businesses in particular. It gives you an organised way of capturing leads, tracking interactions and segmenting your lists, all so you can plan your next move.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Many businesses head to LinkedIn for lead generation. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool helps you to get more from the platform, by providing you with the information you need to target the right companies and people faster. You can easily save leads, keep track of company changes, use advanced search options to find the most relevant prospects and receive customised lead recommendations.

Why outsourcing could be the answer

While the above tools will undoubtedly save you time and generate new opportunities, they don’t always work for every business. And lead gen tools can often disappoint in terms of the limited results they can deliver.

If you only have time to dip into lead generation, or you’d rather focus your energies elsewhere, outsourcing could be the ideal solution. Save the money otherwise spent on an expensive monthly subscription – which still requires a lot of your own time and resources – and put it towards a tailored, results-focused solution managed by lead gen experts.

Get in touch with the IT Focus team – we specialise in lead generation for IT companies, so that your sales team can do more with their time.

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