Email Marketing Campaign | 5 Reasons Why it May Be Failing

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If you’re analysing the stats on last year’s email marketing campaigns and the results are disappointing, now is the perfect time to make some changes. It’s a brand new year and a fresh start, and there are lots of ways to boost the effectiveness of your e-marketing campaigns.

Here are a few areas where you might have been going wrong:

  1. You’re ending up in spam folders

If your marketing emails end up in spam folders or are moved there by recipients, your message will never get through and your efforts will have been wasted. This can be a really frustrating problem for many companies, but how can you avoid it? The first and most obvious solution is – don’t be spammy in the content itself. Watch out for overusing punctuation and risky words such as buy, free, win, money, promo etc. You should also ensure all of your contact information is accurate and traceable back to you, and that you send from a valid and real email address. Lastly, you could consider using an email marketing platform or a lead generation specialist with experience in running email blasts and campaigns.

  1. You aren’t offering any value to your subscribers

You need to give your subscribers a reason to subscribe in the first place and to keep opening your emails. It might be something like an exclusive offer or discount, but it could also be interesting content, creative flair and relevant news and insights.

  1. Your content isn’t personalised enough

If subscribers don’t feel that content is relevant to them at all, they will delete your emails. IT lead generation specialists will tell you that relevance is absolutely crucial to catching a customer’s interest and turning it into a sale. There are ways of personalising email content without it taking up all of your time, from using better data to using dynamic content techniques to tailor emails to recipients’ interests and previous purchases.

  1. Your lists aren’t up to date

If your contacts are no longer relevant, there’s a high chance of your emails bouncing and you ending up blacklisted by email clients – plus you aren’t getting through to your target recipients. Take the time to revisit your lists, although if it’s too time-consuming it may be more cost-effective to use the services of a list and data cleansing specialist.

  1. Your emails aren’t optimised for mobile devices

If you aren’t catering your emails to the millions of potential customers who use smartphones and tablets to read emails on the go, it’s no wonder your e-marketing efforts aren’t proving successful. Unless your emails display properly on these devices, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your target market.

If you can get these technicalities right, you can then focus all your efforts on the creative side of email marketing, as well as coming up with a strong call to action that is proven to boost conversions.

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