5 tips for sustainable lead generation

Lead generation
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Companies that are successful at lead generation are those that always keep an eye on the bigger picture. They play the long game, developing a pipeline for lead gen and nurturing that stretches far behind this year’s immediate targets.

It’s crucial to have a long-term strategy in place for your lead generation activities, so you can ensure that investment now pays off in the future. Otherwise, there’s a risk of burning through your resources for only short-term results.

Lead Generation

So, how do you create a sustainable and successful lead generation strategy? Here are some of the key areas to focus on:

  1. Understand your audience

Pinpointing your target audience should be at the heart of your strategy, informing everything from your messaging to your channel choices. This is the part of the process you should invest the most time in, gathering insights into who is most likely to be receptive to your offer – and when they’ll be ready to buy. This data will inform your segmentation and targeting, as well as your lead nurturing pipeline.

  1. Build your strategy on solid data

Market research is absolutely crucial for any lead generation strategy, and you have to keep on doing it as your campaigns roll out. Don’t just gather data for the sake of it – think about what information and insights you actually need to implement effective campaigns. It’s also a smart idea to take a close look at your competitors, which can help you refine your position and perhaps even identify new opportunities.

  1. Bring lead generation in line with sales and marketing

If you want lead generation to be more than a one-off experiment, you’ll need to embed it into both sales and marketing. If you’re all working towards the same goals, sharing information and providing complementary solutions, you have a much better chance at long-term success.

  1. Use KPIs to help you focus

What does a good result look like to you? This is what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help you determine. KPIs give you clear goals to shoot for, and a way to measure progress. This means you can tweak your approach as you go. Without them, you’ll have to rely on anecdotal and other non-scientific feedback to assess how well your campaigns are going.

  1. Reflect, analyse and learn

Analysis is one of the most valuable things you can do to ensure your lead generation campaigns continue to deliver results in the long-term. In the pressure to hit targets and keep up with rolling campaign start dates, it can be difficult to find a moment to pause and reflect.

But it really is critical. Without some kind of process to review your data, results and methods, you’ll have no opportunity to improve. It can also help you to reset and refresh, using feedback from other parts of the business to reinvigorate your next campaign.

IT Focus specialises in building long-term partnerships with IT companies, working on sustainable lead generation campaigns that continue to deliver results.

If you need expert help with lead generation or telemarketing, get in touch with our specialist team now.

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