5 Tips to Generate Better Quality Leads

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Lead generation isn’t about quantity. It’s quality that really matters when it comes to actually closing the deal.

Your sales team could be cold calling hundreds of prospects a day, but this is time wasted if none of these leads go anywhere.

You need to speak to the decision-makers, with money to spend and a solid reason to be interested in your offer. Not the time-wasters, for whom your product isn’t relevant or who would only ever make a tiny purchase.

To get the best ROI, you need to focus on bringing in high-quality leads. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Organise your lists

To get more from your lead generation campaigns, you need to know who to talk to. By cleaning up and properly organising your database, you can identify the key decision-makers in each of the companies you want to target. Data cleansing is also a good way to get rid of inaccurate and out-of-date information, which leads to wasted time, bounced emails, and poor-quality leads.


  1. Create a target customer persona

Who is the perfect person to buy your products or services? Think beyond the basics of a job role, although a decision-maker or purchasing manager is exactly who you need to be speaking to. Think about their interests, motivations, challenges, and problems, so you can really put yourself in their shoes. This will help you create a tailored lead generation approach with more chance of success. It also helps you to focus on the prospects most likely to be profitable, rather than spreading your net far too wide.


  1. Create marketing content targeted at your dream customer

So, you have your target customer personas and you know exactly who you want to attract. If you’ve done your homework, you should also have a good idea of what content will interest and engage them. Use this insight to create targeted, personalised email and content marketing campaigns to lure in those perfect customers.


  1. Score your leads

It’s really important to understand what good looks like when it comes to lead generation. What constitutes a high-quality lead for your sales department? Define these criteria and score your leads as they come in, eliminating weaker leads where your time would be better spent elsewhere. You can even update your scoring system as time goes on, related to how ‘hot’ a particular lead is. This helps you plan your timing perfectly, so you’re ready to strike when the prospect is most ready to buy.


  1. Collect a little more data

If you have a contact form on your website or another method for scooping up useful information about a prospect, take another look at it. Are there additional questions you could ask to help you assess the quality of the lead? With just a little more valuable data, you can make crucial decisions about how you spend your time. Just make sure you don’t make your contact forms too long though – as this will scare prospects away. Keep it short and snappy where possible.

Need help to qualify leads, or bring in more valuable prospects? Get in touch with the IT lead generation experts here at IT Focus.

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