5 Ways To Increase B2B Sales Through Telemarketing

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With the rising popularity of mobile apps and social media, many technology companies neglect the most time-tested marketing strategy – specialised telemarketing. Though you can reach a wider audience online, only a small percentage of IT companies will follow-up on B2B offers they find on the Internet. Entrepreneurs need to be confident about their purchases and require a higher level of engagement than regular consumers. Here are 5 major benefits reaped from specialist telemarketing for IT and technology companies:

Lead Generation

Knowing that there are always new qualified leads to pursue is crucial for any technology-oriented business. You could be the industry leader but, unless related companies know about your product, you still won’t make any sales. By hiring a telemarketing agency that specializes in IT, you ensure that the leads you receive are relative and have a high level of interest in the field.

Follow-Up Sales

Prospective B2B sales leads are highly demanding and they also tend to be busy. They usually don’t want to waste any time and it’s not unusual for a company’s owner or manager to forget about a product/service they were interested in. Following up on inquiries is sure to increase sales since these prospects are already highly qualified. In addition to pursuing businesses that showed interest in your media ads, telemarketers can also contact the people who were present at conferences or events you’ve hosted.

Data Optimisation

Having correct, up-to-date data is an important aspect of any marketing strategy. A professional telemarketing agency that specializes in IT can help you gather data, manage it and use it to increase conversions. As a result, you will be able to identify prospects that are most likely to be in need of your product or service.

Lead Nurturing

Specialist telemarketing for IT and technology companies can not only create new leads, but also pursue them until a sale is made. Lead nurturing requires careful, skilled negotiating. Not everyone can convince a business person about their need of a certain product or service, without scaring them away by pushing too hard or boring them with repetitive, indecisive dialogue.


Having a network of reliable field sales experts and resellers can be a significant advantage for any IT related B2B company. With the help of telemarketing, you can establish such a network quickly and maintain it easily in the long term. Furthermore, a company that specializes in your field may already have prospective partners on their client list. For example, at IT Focus Telemarketing, most businesses are matched with partners right when they sign up for our recruitment services. If you want to find out how this works or learn about all the different ways you can increase profits by hiring professional telemarketers, consider contacting us for a comprehensive consultation or for a quick assessment.

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