6 Tips for Event Booking and Follow up

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Events are ripe with opportunities for lead generation. What could be better than the chance to demonstrate your expertise and make connections in person? Through seminars, product launches and meetings, you can build relationships and show off what makes your business amazing.


Remember that if people are taking the time to attend your event, it’s a clear indicator that they’re interested in what you’re selling. You have a captive audience, so make the most of it. You need to seize that interest and turn it into action.


And don’t forget the most important part – checking in with leads after the event. If you want to capitalise on the opportunities created by the event, follow-up is absolutely crucial. Otherwise, much of your hard work will go to waste.


To help you squeeze every last opportunity from your events, here are some tips to bear in mind:


  1. Choose your attendees carefully

Before putting together your invite list, draw up an ideal attendee persona. For example, your perfect guest may be someone with decision-making power within their organisation, who has demonstrated interest in your services in the past.


The next step is to understand what motivates them and what messaging to use to hook their attention. Use all of this information to develop a robust targeting strategy.


  1. Generate some buzz

Remember that not everyone is ready to buy on their first interaction. You may need to put in some groundwork before the event, before you actually meet your attendees. Plan a coordinated marketing and nurturing campaign to whip up some excitement before the event. Highlight its value, and make your guests look forward to attending.


  1. Make it easy to sign up, and to carry on the conversation

A simple, seamless registration process is a must for any successful event. If it’s too difficult or time-consuming, many people won’t bother.


But you should also make sure you’re capturing all the essential information during the event, so that the conversation can continue afterwards – without having to start from scratch.


Lastly, make sure attendees have an easy way to get in touch themselves. Send a quick follow-up email with contact details, and make yourself available for questions.


  1. Make a connection with every attendee

This is quite time-consuming (not to mention mentally draining) but it’s important to engage each and every attendee in some way during the event. Do your research on each guest beforehand, and you’ll know exactly what to say to pique their interest. Whatever you do during your event, make an impression.


  1. Time is of the essence with follow-up

You may be tempted to leave it a few days after your event, but this would be a serious mistake. Every hour of delay could mean another lead losing interest. To maximise ROI, get in touch right away and keep the conversation going. Plan your post-event follow-up strategy in advance and coordinate with your sales team, so you’re ready to start nurturing leads immediately.


  1. Set solid targets

Events can be expensive, so they need to deliver tangible results. Decide what you’re aiming for and set some targets. For example, set KPIs for number of registrations, leads and successful interactions post-event.

Need help with event booking and follow up? We’re specialists in event booking for the technology industry. We can save you time, and help to deliver professional, profitable events – get in touch with the IT Focus team to find out more.

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