Adding Value to Your Landing Pages – Where to Start

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Well-designed marketing landing pages are crucial to any lead generation strategy. They can be highly effective at converting visitors to customers, with research showing an average conversion rate of just under 10% across all industries.

You can use your landing pages to capture customer information, drive purchase decisions, answer questions and overcome objections. But that’s only if your landing page content is dynamic, persuasive and focused.

The best landing pages offer value to the visitor. It’s this ‘hook’ that drives the visitor to action, whether it’s leaving contact details or clicking onto the next stage in the sales process.

If you’d like your landing pages to work harder, here’s how to add value…

Offer an eBook

According to research by Hubspot on its own website, an enormous 55% of landing page submissions came from eBook offers. Downloadable long-form content is a huge draw for visitors, especially if it offers valuable advice and information.

As well as giving you a solid reason to collect email and other contact details, an eBook or white paper also gives you the chance to show off your expertise. This is a great way to establish your brand as an expert authority in its field.

The only thing to remember with eBook giveaways on landing pages it that the payoff can take a while. But design it carefully and this tactic can lead naturally into a productive chat with one of your sales team.

Offer a video tutorial, seminar or demo

Wonderful – another chance to mark yourself out as a credible expert in your industry. Holding live digital events is a great way to add some urgency to your CTAs, as visitors need to sign up by a certain time.

But you can also embed videos from past events into your landing page content. Any form of video can be highly effective, especially things like simple demo videos – it could even increase conversions by a huge 86% if the content is relevant and well-made.

To get a good number of subscribers, put some work into marketing your event. Show visitors how they can benefit and what they can learn. Make it a real ‘unmissable’ session, a chance to glean vital knowledge and pick up tips to help overcome key industry challenges.

Personalise your content marketing landing pages

The best-performing landing pages are those that are relevant to the visitor. You may not strike gold every time, but cut out the clutter and focus on personalising landing page content – and you’ll have a better chance of hitting your mark.

Use personalised, targeted CTAs to match your pages more closely to each visitor’s interests and motivations. Get the content right, and you could increase your conversions by a whopping 202%, according to the Hubspot data.

Don’t shy away from freebies and contests

You may worry that your audience is too sophisticated to be interested in a giveaway or special offer, but you’d be surprised. Everyone loves the feeling of getting something for free, or cheaper than everyone else.

Use your landing pages to launch a competition, offer time-limited free trials or partner with another company to run an irresistible special offer. You’ll likely get a fantastic response, but just make sure you have a system in place to identify the valuable leads and filter out the rest.

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