B2B Telemarketing Professionals

B2B Telemarketing Professionals

The sales strategy that drives results

Get leads for your business

IT Focus is an innovative lead generation agency that employs the most energetic and enthusiastic telemarketers. The aim of the game is to maximise the return on investment which can only be accomplished by employing the expertise of a dedicated telemarketing company to help streamline new prospects and businesses to your own company.

Our telesales team are experienced B2B account managers, this means that not only can they plan your campaign but also identify data on potential leads and decide on which proposals will be most beneficial for your campaign. These factors will all result in your company generating the high quality leads that you require.

Telemarketing Prospecting

Our expert B2B telemarketing campaigns are driven by UK based telemarketers. These professional telemarketers help deliver high-quality leads and information towards your telesales team.

Appointment Setting

Highlight sales opportunities by reaching key decision-makers within companies that you want to win business from.

Profile Building

Building a data source full of key decision-makers for businesses within your target audience. This means you are targeting the right people with your sales team.

Lead Generation

Essential if you want to push your company to the next level and receive greater ROI.

What Can Telemarketing do For Your Business?

Telemarketing has a wide range of benefits that can help take a business to the next level by generating the right leads. Specifically targeting the right demographic is essential when growing and expanding your brand. Being able to push your brand and services in front of the right audience is how you will get ahead of the competition and stay there. By outsourcing your telemarketing efforts to professional telemarketers, you can:

  • More effectively spread the message of your brand, services or products directly towards your chosen audience.
  • Highlight potential leads in which your telesales team can later contact and close.
  • Create and construct your own source of data which will allow for your telesales team to work at a more efficient rate. This will also help reduce the amount of cold calling for your sales team.
  • By employing our staff of expert telemarketers, you will reduce the cost of training to £0!
  • Present your brand in the most professional manner.
  • Due to our staff’s keen interest in your niche, we will be able to understand and optimise on peak buying times and customer trends throughout the year.
  • Telemarketing teams can help convert general enquiries into full-blown leads for your sales team to convert.
  • Reveal the low hanging fruit that you may have missed.

In order to make sure that you produce the most successful campaign for your brand and business, you need to ensure that your telesales team and telemarketing team are working alongside each other to provide high-quality leads through your sales pipeline.

  • Building a customer database and prospect list via your telemarketing team can lead to more efficient and higher success rates for quality leads.
  • Hiring a professional telesales team will boost your companies return on investment (ROI) as leads will be converted at a much higher rate.
  • A professional telesales team will understand how to convert the more difficult leads into sales.
  • Outsourcing both your telemarketing and telesales will mean you can spend more on marketing rather then internal salaries.
  • Increased efficiency and ROI when both telesales and telemarketing teams work with one another in the same company.
  • Reduce outreach travel expenses by setting up face-to-face meetings with promising leads.
  • Present customers with a professional impression of your company.

IT Focus can tackle all of your telemarketing, telesales or both at the same time. By hiring us for either service you are ensuring that you will drive the right leads into your database, whilst then turning these leads into customers for your business.