Benefits of Integrated Marketing

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Marketers are always looking to the latest trends, but there’s one approach that’s set to stand the test of time.

Integrated marketing aims to bring all of your brand’s messaging and communications into alignment. It ensures consistency across all the platforms you use to reach customers, from email and telemarketing to social media. The ultimate goal is to guarantee the same amazing experience no matter how a customer finds your brand. When you speak with a single voice, your message is stronger.

So, shouldn’t all brands be using integrated marketing? It seems pretty obvious that consistency is key to building your brand and putting real power behind your messaging. But surprisingly, not all companies have embraced the strategy.

Research by Skout found that 46% of B2B marketers in the UK struggled to integrate channels – with a lack of expertise cited as the main obstacle to effective integrated marketing.

Still on the fence on whether integrated marketing is worth it? Here are just a few reasons why it’s the future of marketing, and why you really should get on board:

It Helps Meet sky-high Consumer Expectations

Consumers are more demanding than ever. They want customisation and personalisation, along with an exceptional buying journey and flawless customer service. Integrated marketing helps to close the gaps in user experience, delivering seamless, consistent messaging shaped by real customer insights.

It Builds Brands

While your marketing strategy may focus on lead generation or converting clicks to sales, you’ll also have an eye on brand image. Research has shown that integrated marketing campaigns are 31% more effective at building brands.

Building Brands

It Amplifies Your Message

According to research by Gartner, integrated campaigns across four or more channels perform a huge 300% better than single or dual-channel campaigns.  Why does this happen? Because when all of your channels are singing from the same hymn sheet, your message is far more powerful. And amplification drives value.

It Humanises Your Brand

Marketing does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to expressing brand personality. But this is where integrated marketing can help. If the tone is spot on and consistency is maintained, your platforms can together lay the groundwork for the brand personality – then build on it.

You can convey your values, show how funny and relatable you are, or tell a story. This helps the customer get to know and understand the brand, which is a key part of building a relationship.

It’s Cost-effective

Isn’t it better for marketing and sales to be aligned, rather than constantly at odds? It’s certainly more effective from a cost perspective. With all of your channels working together towards a common goal, you have a better chance of reaching it.

For expert help with integrated marketing, get in touch with IT Focus.

As IT telemarketing and lead generation specialists, we can create and deliver a bespoke integrated marketing strategy that delivers real results. Give us a call on 0330 058 0100 or email and we’ll get right back to you.

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