Best Ways To Capture Emails

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Email marketing is an effective method for connecting with prospects and generating new leads. But a key challenge that businesses tend to face is acquiring high-quality email addresses and maintaining their list to a high standard. 

With so much competition in every industry, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and utilise email marketing in a way that bolsters leads and sales. Success or failure is often determined by the approach businesses take.

Compounded with the fact that people use multiple email addresses, may not check their email accounts regularly, or receive far too many messages to handle, it is easy to see the challenges companies face with their lead generation.

It is this reason why businesses must work hard to not only obtain relevant email addresses but also look for ways to connect with their target audience.

Below, we outline the best ways to capture email addresses.

Checking emails

How To Obtain Email Addresses

There are several ways businesses can capture email addresses from prospective clients. The most common methods are via a company website, but there are other effective approaches to take. These include:

Subscribe Box 

The simplest, most common way to obtain email addresses is by placing a basic subscription form on a website. Interested users can enter their email address to obtain further details on a product or service. The method is effective largely because customers must already have a level of interest prior to subscribing.

Landing Pages 

Another method of capturing email addresses is to create a landing page to target a certain type of visitor. The landing page should have a clear call to action and a large email subscription box. The quality of targeting is an important factor for businesses who want to attract better quality leads. The success rate of a purpose-built landing page is very high among lead gen methods.

Pop-up Subscription 

A pop-up box is a popular way to generate additional email subscriptions, especially if a user has scrolled down the page or is ready to leave the website. Pop-up email capture is highly effective, especially if done in a non-intrusive way. Giving away an offer, unique information, or otherwise, can help increase sign-ups.

Run a Competition 

Running a competition or prize draw can give businesses a significant number of email addresses in a short space of time. The disadvantage of this method, however, is that many people will simply want to win the prize. They may have no real interest in receiving any other information about a product or service.

Run a Survey 

Setting up an online survey is a popular method lead generation specialists use to boost their email list. To improve conversion rates, businesses often combine a survey with an incentive, such as a prize draw or complimentary offer. The approach can be effective, especially if done in an innovative way.

Offer a Free Course 

Offering a free course, workshop, or other valuable information is one of the best ways to capture email leads. This is especially true if the content on offer is compelling and highly targeted. A time-limited offer will create a sense of urgency and increase the likelihood users will subscribe.

Utilise Social Media 

The widespread use of social media makes it an effective way to acquire email addresses of new and existing contacts. Businesses who want to maximise success can engage in social media marketing across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

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