Break Down of B2B Marketing Challenges

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Effective marketing is arguably the most significant aspect of a successful B2B strategy for any business in the IT field. Of course, without a strong internal sales team, it is near impossible to fulfil revenue expectations, much less increase profits. However, to make good use of sales professionals, you need to provide them with plenty of qualifying leads. Furthermore, if you can identify enough highly interested prospects, you can increase conversions for your team regardless of their current level of effectiveness.

Looking into specialist telemarketing for IT and technology companies is probably your best solution but, provided you have ample time and a large enough investment, you can generate quality leads on your own. Either way, there are three significant problems that need to be solved along the way.

  1. Effective Targeting

    Every sales pitch, each piece of content and even the tone used to communicate with potential buyers need to be personalized. This is a tough task in itself, however, figuring out your company’s average B2B customer is even more challenging. You need to figure out the right demographic by testing various methodologies and adjusting your research accordingly. This can often take years and cost you countless sale opportunities.

  1. Consistent Lead Creation

    Generating leads on a consistent basis can be difficult, especially for an IT-related business. Having a solid social media marketing strategy and effective SEO for your website can bring in more than enough clients but, chances are, you won’t be able to predict a sudden drop or increase in sales. Telemarketing is more consistent and predictable but, without outside help, it can take a long time to effectively manage. Combining all of the available marketing media and analysing them as a whole is the answer – it sounds complicated because it is, though hiring qualified specialists can make the task much simpler.

  2. Data Management

    Analytics and data reporting go hand in hand. You can’t analyse your marketing efforts correctly without accurate data. The problem is getting the results of your analysing efforts to match your actual, real-world results. Without sound data, there’s no way to know how to improve a marketing strategy and increase overall sales numbers.

Your sales team should be focused on making conversions and improving their strategies, not on targeting and generating leads. That way, not only can they be more effective, but they can also be more engaged in the task at hand. If you find yourself overwhelmed handling all the other challenges of B2B marketing, you can outsource any of the tasks involved to qualified IT telemarketing specialists like ourselves here at IT Focus Telemarketing. To find out how to get help with lead creation, data management, analytics or any other part of the process, contact us for a free consultation.

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