Data Cleansing During COVID-19 – Why It’s Important

data cleansing
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Data cleansing is an important task. It refers to the process of identifying, removing or amending any data within a database that is either incorrect, incomplete or duplicated. Another reason this is important is to keep your business in line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Different individuals and companies will have several ways of actioning their data cleansing tasks. Cleaning data is often completed as a bulk process. Some businesses opt to do it at regular intervals. While some complete it as a one-off process that utilises technology with relevant capabilities. It’s also highly likely that some don’t do it at all!

What are the Benefits of Data Cleansing?

  • Boosts results and revenue – Cleaning data will help produce better results and greater ROI concerning marketing and communications campaigns.


  • Saves time and increases productivity – A well-maintained set of data will help ensure that your team is only contacting people that have a genuine interest in your services.


  • Minimises compliance risks – By keeping your data clean you will avoid incurring any fines for breaching GDPR and other relevant legislation.


  • Protects reputation – If people find that they’re receiving communications from you that they don’t want, it does no good for your business. So in effect data cleansing can help maintain your brand’s image, helping to prevent your organisation from looking like they are carrying out spammy communication methods.


  • Boosts results and revenue – By having your data clear it is so much easier for the marketing team to identify high-value prospects.

Database Cleaning While Working From Home

Due to the crisis caused by COVID-19, many businesses that were not otherwise home-based have had to become so. This means that a lot of adaptations have had to be made. Both system hardware and software have had to be set up at an individual’s home. Businesses have also had to adapt to being unable to take calls in the office. And of course, in many organisations, large databases of data will be brought home.

cleaning data

This new adaptation does not lessen how important data cleansing is. One of the crucial things is the personal data that you hold, and making sure that even though your company is currently based at home, all customers or other personal sections of data is safe, secure and up to date. All regular GDPR rules still apply and it’s of paramount importance that any data you do hold is still kept private.

Database cleaning is one valuable service that your company needs to consider. Realistically, quite a large percentage of businesses probably do not carry out data cleansing, or at least not to the recommended extent. This could be due to a mixture of time, resources (such as lack of available staff), and also just been a bit unaware of the whole process.

So, if data cleansing is something you think you need as a business, it could prove to be highly profitable in the longterm. Database cleaning is a way to future proof your business as data is something that will always be important in some shape or form.

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