Get Lead Generation Right And Grow Your Business

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For some businesses, lead generation is pretty low on the priorities list. They recognise its value, and in some companies, there may even be the beginnings of a lead gen strategy. However, the common story for many businesses is that they only have the time, resources or expertise to make minimal efforts to generate and nurture leads.

But is just dabbling in lead generation enough? A half-hearted effort could simply be a waste of your time, whereas research shows that making lead generation a top priority really does pay off.

In fact, experts such as the best-selling author and influencer Neil Patel believe that if you can get lead generation right, you could increase leads by as much as 113%.

Patel even has some top hacks for low-cost, highly effective lead generation, starting with the basics:

  • Review your home page messaging

Your home page is the hub of all your lead generation efforts. It gets the most visit from potential customers, so it needs to be performing at maximum strength. Focus on crafting a strong call to action, as this alone could boost lead generation by 50%. Team your CTA with dynamic imagery and wording that succinctly reflects your offer. Focus on showcasing your best content and giving customers the information they need as quickly as possible.

  • Create an irresistible offer

According to Patel, the winning formula for growing leads is a high-value offer, plus the power of persuasion. Put the effort into crafting an irresistible, unmissable offer. It should all be based on understanding the psychology of your target customer, including what motivates them to make decisions and take action.  Build trust by offering value (i.e. advice or problem-solving solutions) before you ask for anything in return.

  • Enhance your content writing

In order to sell your offer, you need to use persuasive, positive and impactful language. Use active words rather than passive language. Make your headlines stand out to evoke curiosity in your audience and persuade them to click. Strong verbs and a solid readability score can even help your search rankings. This is because great content encourages visitors to stay longer on each page, lowering bounce rates and boosting your ranking.

  • Separate lead generation from sales

Your sales team are experts at what they do – which is selling. But lead generation requires a separate and specialist set of skills. Specialising, according to Patel, is one of the main ways to boost your leads by 113%. You need a dedicated team working on content marketing and telemarketing strategies, lead nurturing, testing, tracking and more. Alternatively, you can take advantage of someone else’s specialist expertise and time by outsourcing.

If 2020 is the year you take lead generation seriously, IT Focus can help. Our specialist telemarketing and integrated marketing services deliver highly qualified leads and real results.

We offer flexible engagement models, no setup costs and are dedicated to growing your business. Get in touch on 0330 058 0100 or email to find out more.

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