How Can Integrated Marketing Boost The Conversion Rate of Cold Calls?

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If you are unhappy with the yield from a recent marketing campaign, consider utilising integrated marketing techniques to boost online traction and improve conversion rates when telemarketing. Let’s take a look at the effects of integrated marketing, and how using multiple lead-generation tactics can help your business return a higher yield.
An integrated marketing campaign is when a business uses two or more lead-generation tactics for marketing its product or services:
· Email
· Search engine optimisation (SEO)
· Social media marketing
· Banner advertising
· Cold calling
· Trade shows
· Direct mail

By using multiple platforms for promoting your business, you build genuine trust in your brand. Allowing people to see what your brand represents through multiple channels gives them more reason to click on an advert and bring them to you as a potential client. By building this momentum through various channels, your business is likely to see more traction and growth. Additionally, potential clients or customers are more likely to remember your brand when they see it appear on multiple platforms. Integrated marketing creates solid foundations for a successful cold call later on, enhancing the opportunity to execute your pitch to a potential client.

Cold calling

Cold calling is a tactic used to try and tempt a new client to buy a product or use your services with no prior communication before the call. Often, cold calls are considered a nuisance to clients, and telemarketing workers will be cut off before they get the chance to perform their pitch. By marketing your company with integrated lead-generation tactics, you may discover that your success rate with cold calling vastly increases.
When a recipient has seen your brand via another channel, they are more likely to stay on the line and listen to a sales pitch, safe in the knowledge that they already know a little but about your business. This is where integrated marketing has an edge over individual marketing campaigns.

The Halo Effect

The halo effect is where people make a judgement of a brand, person, or thing, based on other things they know to be true about them. The halo effect is also correlated to brand strength and loyalty. Having a strong marketing presence via multiple lead-generation tactics will give potential clients an overview of the services or products you offer, before you even speak to them.
Whilst there may be a period of trial and error when it comes to lead generation, you should always market to your customers where you know they are spending most of their time. Integrate your campaigns, optimising as necessary, and you may find that your cold calling efforts begin to see more traction.

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