How to Adapt Your Lead Generation Strategies During COVID-19

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During COVID-19 we are all trying to get to grips with this new normal. This means that in everyday life, we are all having to adapt the way we live. From shopping, social distancing, and exercising. As well as in your business.

Even though the world sometimes can feel like it has stopped moving, your business still needs to keep striving forward. This means you need to adapt. One of the most important things to adapt is your lead generation strategies. Without leads, your business cannot generate profits and without profits, your business cannot remain stable and grow.

In this blog, we are going to explore how to optimise your IT lead generation. As well as how to adapt your lead generation strategy so you can not only survive but grow your business during COVID-19.

The Right IT Lead Generation Strategy

An IT lead is a digital enquiry into your business about your products or services. The ultimate aim of IT lead generation is to secure a sale. But, you can also secure conversions on various goals across your website, such as increasing e-newsletter sign-ups and list building. With the right lead generation strategy, even if you cannot achieve a sale now you will have data to help you do this in the future.

Here are some of the key areas of focus for adapting your IT lead generation strategy:

Recalibrate Your Target Audience

You may not think that your services or products are relevant in current times. To find out if this is true, you need to ask if you’re still aiming your business at the same target audience?

Your business may be more relevant than either with some tweaks that fit into most people’s new circumstances. More people are going to be working from home and no one is going to be going out to the pub. These are only two examples of how people’s behaviour has changed. Re-target your audience to fit the current market. Once you understand your new primary customer base, you can adapt your services and products to appeal to them.

Remote Communication

Even if people are working from home, they could still have access to their work phone. This means you shouldn’t stop trying to generate leads by calling people. In fact, you should probably increase how much you’re calling people. Organise video meetings where potential clients and customers can drop-in. 

When no one can meet face to face, everyone is going to be willing to adapt. If you can adapt quicker than your competitors, you will race ahead of them. Not only during COVID-19, but for the foreseeable future.

Consult The Experts

At IT Focus, we specialise in generating leads for technology companies across the UK. We are the experts in finding the right contacts for your business and industry. From there you have the tools to generate sales and maximise your profit. For more information on IT lead generation strategy during COVID-19, get in touch with our team today:

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