How To Know That Your Lead Generation Agency Is Right For You?

Lead Generation
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For many businesses, finding new customers or clients is often the greatest challenge to overcome. With so much competition in every industry, it can be difficult to source new leads and convert these leads into paying customers.

Lead generation services can help businesses of all types to achieve a steady stream of targeted leads to bring in more enquiries. These services can also help to fine-tune company marketing practices to maximise leads and subsequently, boost sales.


What To Look For In Lead Generation Services?

Businesses should consider multiple factors when assessing the suitability of their existing provider. If some or many of these factors are missing, it may be time to switch to a new, more tailored, and effective agency.

Below, we outline some of the major things to think about:


Collaborative Working 

Working collaboratively is vital to successfully generate new business leads. Paying clients must feel the agency is an extension of their team that works alongside them and not in isolation. Providers must ideally be flexible and quick to react to changes in business strategy, enabling them to capitalise on market changes. They must also be able to pinpoint business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to facilitate the best lead generation strategy.


Experience With The Industry 

Having industry experience can be invaluable. For example, agencies with a track record of sourcing leads in the IT sector are more likely to be successful for companies that have a strong IT focus. Similarly, it is worth seeking out specialist B2B or B2C providers. Agencies that focus on a particular size of clients, such as SMEs or large enterprises, can also help maximise sales.


Company Culture

Sourcing agencies with a similar culture can enable better inter-company working practices, leading to superior results. One example: businesses that have a relaxed, creative company culture will tend to benefit from working with an agency that has a similar approach. Avoid agencies with vastly differing company cultures. Instead, look for a partner with similar values, ethos, and ethics.


Latest Technology

Lead generation agencies that utilise the latest technology, software, and methods always have a distinct advantage over more archaic providers. An agency that uses similar or the same software is a clear benefit, but also consider their wider range of skills and knowledge. For instance, if the business requires a high level of digital leads, is the agency competent when working with digital marketing channels?


Inbound & Outbound Methods

Depending on business goals, a business may need inbound, outbound, or a mixture of both lead gen approaches. Some agencies will tend to specialise in one or several methods. Consider the scale and breadth of campaigns. Does your business require outbound methods, such as telemarketing and direct mail, or inbound methods to function alongside these, such as digital content creation?


Value For Money

As with all business services, the return on investment must be worthwhile. Companies need to analyse whether the cost justifies the number and quality of leads generated. Also consider if there are any setup or training costs, short or long-term contracts, and if there is a dedicated account manager. Think about what overall value the business is getting versus the cost when justifying any marketing spend.


At IT Focus Telemarketing, we are an experienced agency specialising in delivering high-quality, targeted leads for IT and technology companies. Get in touch today for a free quotation and to discuss our range of lead generation and data services.

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