How to use LinkedIn to generate more leads

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Business networking platforms such as LinkedIn are excellent for lead generation. According to the latest stats, LinkedIn has a whopping 675 active monthly users from 30 million companies, and 80% of these users are responsible for driving key business decisions. These are precisely the people you need to reach.

And if you aren’t already seizing B2B lead generation opportunities on LinkedIn, you could be getting left behind. A huge 94% of B2B marketers use the platform for content marketing, while 89% use it for lead generation. And it works, as 62% of marketers say that LinkedIn generates far more leads than other similar platforms.

B2B lead generation on LinkedIn – tips for success

If you’re looking to focus on LinkedIn as a hunting ground for lucrative new leads, you’ll need to know where to start. Here are some useful tips to bear in mind:

  • Summarise and showcase your offer. If someone gets in touch or asks what you do, what answer do you give? You need a compelling reply to hand, one that delivers all the facts and makes the asker want to find out more. Think of it as your sales pitch or the TV ad for your company. It needs to impress in just a few dynamic sentences.


  • Optimise your profile for searches. Your LinkedIn profile needs to be SEO-friendly as well as engaging and detailed. Use relevant keywords that potential customers and clients may be searching for, using location-specific words where relevant. Avoid keyword stuffing though, as LinkedIn could eventually penalise your page.


  • Broaden your network every day – but only connect to people you know. A useful way to spend your time on LinkedIn is to add a few new connections every day. Add all of your current clients and top prospects first, then use the ‘People You May Know’ feature to find more. You can also make a ‘wish list’ of leads you want to connect to, and plan a strategy to make connections close to them. For example, asking for an introduction from someone you already know.

  • Update regularly – and make your posts engaging. Every time you post on LinkedIn, you’ll appear in your connections’ feeds. Share something interesting or helpful enough (it’s best to avoid selling in these updates) and these connections may share your content with their connections. Your posts may even garner comments and likes, which will build your credibility as well as your connections list.


  • Join or start conversations in groups. You’ll get more out of LinkedIn if you give as well as take. You’ll also be able to make more connections when you chat in relevant groups – for example, one populated with industry-specific people you’re aiming to reach. Be helpful, offer your advice for free and avoid the hard sell, then you can make connections organically and boost your reputation as an expert in your field.

Unlike some B2B lead generation activities, LinkedIn doesn’t need to be a time drain. If you stay focused, you can see results by spending just 20 minutes a day on the platform.

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