Hyper Personalisation and its Benefits

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In today’s world, creating a successful and profitable business that stands out above the competition can be a long process. What you need, is to reach out to the right types of customers, make each and every customer feel important, and put the specific products that they want, right in front of them.


What is Hyper Personalisation?

Hyper personalisation refers to the process of using data and AI in order to target consumers with unique messaging that feels personalised to where they are in their buying journey. In the modern world, customers are no longer content with standard messaging, and emails will quickly be deleted if the subject line isn’t immediately attention-grabbing.

To successfully carry out hyper personalisation, many companies will segment their customers based on their needs and how far along the sales process they are. The data may also be broken down using sets such as age groups, purchasing history, and web search history.

Harnessing this data allows the company to address the customer personally and offer them a service or product that will appeal to them directly.


What Benefits Does Hyper Personalisation Have?

Hyper personalisation is the favoured approach for many companies, allowing for rapid development of unique selling points (USPs), increased brand visibility, and ultimately, higher success rates.

Some of the benefits of this personalised marketing method are:


Increased Conversion

Customers are much more likely to open an email if it’s directly addressed to them. An email with a personalised subject line also lessens the chances of it being automatically sent to junk.

If the customer opens the email, that’s half the battle over and, as long as they like what they see, then your conversion rate is likely to rise. 

Personalised Messaging

Your customer is more likely to develop a relationship with your brand if you appear approachable. Personalised marketing isn’t just about the products that you offer, but the way that you offer them. Considering your target market and speaking to them using language that they understand, rather than filling their head with jargon, will develop that all-important customer relationship. Customers who feel connected to a company are more likely to purchase because they have established a level of trust with the brand – which brings us to our next point.


Building Trust

Having complete trust in a company to deliver on the product or service being sold is key for customer satisfaction.

Trust can be easily lost by generic marketing emails that do not offer the customer the information they need at that time.

When a customer trusts a brand, they can be your biggest marketing asset – providing recommendations to those that have not yet had the chance to engage with your company.


Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is maintained when you can continue to satisfy the needs of your audience. Hyper personalisation allows you to demonstrate to your customers that their loyalty should remain with you, even if your product or service does not require frequent repurchasing.

Future Prediction

Knowing your customers’ purchasing habits allows you to predict their future purchases. By segmenting your customers into groups, you should be able to further tailor the most effective times to market to each segment.

Hyper personalisation allows you to use your data to drive your marketing procedures, whilst establishing a trusted brand that appears to know and understand its audience.


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