Is Telemarketing Still Effective?

using a landline phone to call leads.
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Telemarketing is used by businesses as a way of contacting potential customers and generating leads, to sell their product or service. Companies will normally make telephone calls to potential customers or previous leads in remarketing techniques to secure a sale later down the line.

Benefits Of Telemarketing

Telemarketing provides a method to promote your business and gauge a potential customer’s interest in your products or services. It can also allow for more personal sales service, providing an opening to engage and connect with possible customers.


Another benefit is that it creates a good opportunity to make sure a potential customer fully understands how a product or service benefits them, which is the reason why they will purchase it. With telemarketing, you also have an opening to sell from a distance, therefore increasing your sales territory and with this method, you can reach more customers than with in-person visits.


Telemarketing also allows you to sell to both new and existing customers and also achieve easily measurable results. You have the option to use phone calls as a telemarketing method, but many companies will find emailing or instant messaging to be effective as well as the use of social media platforms. Sometimes a combination of each becomes the most effective way to engage with interested parties.

How Relevant Is Telemarketing In 2020?

Times change, and sometimes the methods of business do, too. But is telemarketing relevant in 2020? Here are some reasons that the answer is yes.

Businesses Often Welcome Telemarketing Calls

Particularly in the case of B2B marketing, telemarketing can be effective as businesses expect telesales calls and understand the value of telemarketing and how it could be effective for both businesses. Used in the right way, B2B telemarketing can showcase a product or service and generate a lead that eventually becomes a sale.

The Process of Social Media is Rising

Very few are going to play down the importance of social media in marketing. However, it is becoming an expensive form of marketing because more and more businesses realise that it is such an important tool. Telemarketing can be much more cost-effective, and deliver results faster than social media marketing as it tends to be more effective at connecting with the person you’re seeking to make contact with.

Social Media Marketing

You Can Analyse Calls

With telemarketing calls you have the ability to record them, which will help ensure you don’t forget any crucial details on a potential lead, increasing your chances of closing a sale.


Yes, telemarketing might not suit all businesses, so think about your setup and if it is the most effective and efficient way to gain leads. However, it is a widely used practice that carries plenty of advantages for many organisations. Also, worth remembering is, it isn’t just about the method itself, but how you execute it. That’s why you should work with a telemarketing company that understands and can market your business. Here at IT Focus, we have your telemarketing needs covered, as well as other lead generation services. 

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