Is Your Lead Generation in Place For 2020?

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The start of a new year is a great time for planning. Lay down a solid lead generation strategy for the coming 12 months and you’ll know exactly what needs to be done when – and how to achieve your goals.

But not every part of your planning needs to be done in January. In fact, you’ll probably have lots of other things to do to get up and running after the Christmas break. Once you’ve hit your stride, February could be the ideal time to focus on strategy.

So, what should your lead generation plan include? Here are some ideas to consider as you start talking to lead generation companies or briefing your in-house team.

Local SEO

Intimidated by SEO? You’re not alone. Search engine marketing is a great way to draw more leads to your site, but it can be difficult to know the right steps to take. To get more for your spend, consider focusing on local search in 2020. So, rather than fighting off countless bigger competitors for broad searches, put more into local SEO so you can catch location-specific traffic.

Focus on your Most Effective Keywords

Make 2020 the year you make your lead gen and marketing activities really count. If you don’t have the budget to target every relevant keyword, put all your eggs in just a couple of baskets instead. Narrow your focus to just most useful, effective and relevant keywords. You can put more of your resources into getting fantastic results for these keywords, rather than mediocre results across a wider range of keywords.

A 12-Month Plan for Email Marketing

Email marketing should never be done off the cuff, or as an afterthought. This is why now is a critical time for planning the year’s email marketing campaigns. Create a detailed strategy for how you’ll progress with every lead. This means a step-by-step plan for every email you send and what you hope each will achieve.

A Rethink of Value and Incentives for Leads

Why should someone give you their email address? And once they do, why should they open your emails? Delving into the motivational side of email marketing and lead generation could be a good focus for the year ahead. If you can perfect your value proposition and make lead magnets irresistible, you could be onto a winner.

Marketing Strategy

Boost Capacity with Outsourcing

Lead generation will always eat up a considerable amount of time and resources. This can put a ceiling on how much you’ll be able to do in-house. One of the biggest changes you could make to your lead generation strategy for 2020 is outsourcing.

You don’t necessarily have to outsource all activities, but it could make sense to use lead generation companies for some. If you’re lacking the manpower or expertise for quality content creation, or lead nurturing – why not get an expert to handle it for you?  The value of the leads generated could more than makeup for the initial investment.

If you’re looking for lead generation companies to lighten the load for you in 2020, chat to the team at IT Focus on 0330 058 0100

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