Sophos Case Study

IT Focus Case Study Sophos

Sophos was founded in 1985 and has grown to be a world leader in IT security and data protection. It offers organisations complete protection and control: defence against known and unknown malware, spyware, intrusions, unwanted applications, spam, policy abuse and data leakage, and providing comprehensive network access control (NAC). Its products protect over 100 million users in more than 150 countries and it has offices in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Singapore.

The Challenge

Sophos places great importance on customer service and information flow. Each quarter it runs a series of high-profile customer events but they have historically suffered from poor attendance which has led to some internal apathy towards them. As part of a review of customer communications renewed focus was placed on the events and the marketing manager introduced IT Focus into Sophos having previously worked with the company. The task was to recruit attendees for customer open days.

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Business Relationship

Working in conjunction with Sophos IT Focus identified target customers and were tasked with promoting these quarterly events to them. The call-out campaign was conducted by the IT Focus team who understood the Sophos business and were able to present themselves as being Sophos staff.


Prior to the IT Focus engagement Sophos events were receiving single figure attendances and as such the subject matters were being kept as general as possible. For the first event following IT Focus there were over 40 attendees. This figure grew to 70+ over the next two events. With the help of IT Focus, the most recent events have passed the 150 attendees mark. This new ability to reach out to the customer base has enabled Sophos to take the events on the road and they now cover most of the UK as the confidence in customer attendance is assured.

The Marketing Manager has now managed to re-position these events internally at Sophos so that the content is now more varied, their profile is significantly higher and the appeal to both internal and external customers is much more significant. This, along with the improved attendance, has allowed Sophos to drive significant amounts of business as a result of these customer events.

The Future

Thanks to IT Focus these events are a very cost effective means of customer communication and now form a key part of the Sophos Customer Service strategy. Their ability to meet en masse with their customers is vital not only to present new products but also as means of customer retention.

Who we work with

At IT Focus we take a great deal of pride in the extensive list of IT companies that we work with. As you can see from the small selection below we have a great range customers from VARs, Systems Integrators, Distributors and Vendors. All these companies work with us because they have the confidence in our ability to deliver.