Is the Question “Can You Afford to Use Specialist Telemarketing?” OR “Can You Afford NOT to Use Specialist Telemarketing?”

Specialist Telemarketing
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Business today is all about return on investment – (ROI) and if the figures don’t stack up, then it is not a good use of your financial resources. So how can you strategize effectively so that money spent, particularly on generating business leads, is done so wisely? Well, a close examination of what you are doing to generate those leads will certainly enable you to micro-manage the situation, but there is already a problem. Micromanaging anything costs money, so to be financially effective, micromanagement has to either save money or generate revenue. In truth, micromanagement rarely achieves either of these goals.

What should I do when it comes to lead generation?

What is an effective solution when it comes to lead generation, is telemarketing, and in the world of information technology, IT telemarketing takes full advantage of IT to be effective itself. However, for some companies, there is a perceived reluctance to use the services of a company such as IT Telemarketing as there is a strong desire to provide a personal service to clients. The understanding is that farming out lead generation to someone outside the company creates a more impersonal atmosphere, which is detrimental to the overall ethos and agenda of a company.

Well, let us challenge that with one simple question. If someone contacts you and offers you a service that happens to suit what you have been looking for, are you really going to be concerned who has contacted you or are you going to be more interested in who will be helping you achieve what you hope to? In reality, the end result is what matters most, and that is what we are great at achieving. For us, the end result is supplying you with first-class and genuine leads, nothing more and nothing less.

We specialise in telemarketing for IT and technology companies, our staff who speak to potential leads know about the IT industry and can ensure the person being contacted is left in no in certain terms of the levels of expertise you can offer. Our staff are not just telemarketers, they are specialist telemarketers who will fully integrate themselves with the services offered by your business and when they call anyone, they are aware that they are representing your company. PR is also very important to us.

Finally, because we will be representing you, we also like to ensure our databases are kept religiously up to date and that we don’t simply ring (and annoy) inappropriate contacts. Because we only get paid on results, it is as important to us as it is to you that only quality leads are provided for you and your business.

And as for that precious ROI – well we wouldn’t be in business if we couldn’t help meet ROI requirements, so why not give us a call, tell us what you need with regards to leads, and let us show you how being a specialist in telemarketing for IT and technology companies can make a dramatic difference to the quality and number of leads generated for your business, and your bottom line!

We hope that this blog was informative. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0330 058 0100 or head over to our contact page and fill in our online enquiry form.

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