Choosing lead generation companies – 4 crucial questions to ask

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If you’re struggling to find enough time to dedicate to lead generation, or you lack the expertise, it makes sense to call in an expert who offers such lead generation services.

But there are a lot of B2B marketing and lead generation companies out there, and they all promise to deliver real results. How do you narrow down the list, and choose the right fit for your needs?

To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, here are the 4 crucial questions you should be asking…

  1. How do you get your data?

A lead gen company can make hundreds or even thousands of calls on your behalf. But all this hard work is for nothing if they aren’t calling the right people, at the right businesses – and at the right times. This is why data quality really, really matters. In fact, it’s what marks out a great lead gen company from a bad one.

You need to find out where the company gets its data from, and how lists are compiled. How recent is the contact information, and when was the data last checked for quality and accuracy? It’s really important, so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions on the topic of data quality until you’re satisfied.

  1. How do you measure progress?

When working with lead generation companies, one of the first things that should happen is the setting of clear, realistic targets. You need to layout your expectations clearly, and they need to tell you exactly what they are able to deliver.

In order to ensure that you’ll be getting good value for money, ask about how the company will track and measure progress towards key goals. What KPIs do they use, and will they actually tell you anything meaningful?



  1. How do you ensure that leads are fully qualified?

The last thing you want is for a lead gen company to pass on a prospect to your sales team, only to find that they’re nowhere near ready to buy. This is a waste of everyone’s time. A company that takes the time to nurture prospects properly will probably deliver fewer leads, but they’ll be properly qualified. This means a person who actually wants to buy what you’re selling, and not someone who’s said yes simply because they felt pressured.

To discover how the process works with a particular lead gen agency, feel free to ask lots of questions. Ask about the training of the marketers, as well as the nature and quality of the conversations the team will be having with prospects.

  1. Are you a specialist?

Lead generation companies who specialise in your niche will have a real advantage over those that don’t. For example, IT Focus is a specialist in IT telemarketing and lead generation, which means we only work with technology companies and have a deep understanding of what makes these businesses tick. So, make sure you always ask about specialisms, along with examples of previous clients and campaigns as evidence.

If you’re looking for lead generation services but you need to find out more, the team here at IT Focus is more than happy to answer any and all of your burning questions. Call us on 0330 058 0100 or email

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