Scaling Your Account-based Marketing Efforts For Faster Results

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It takes time to see results with account-based marketing. After all, ABM is more than just one standalone tactic or campaign. It’s a holistic marketing strategy built on high levels of personalisation and targeting. To execute ABM effectively, you’re going to need resources, skill and lots of patience.

But what if there was a way to get faster account-based marketing results? There is a surprisingly simple way to speed things up. It’s all about scaling up – doing more of the same, and doing it well.


How to Start Expanding an ABM Pilot Into a Full-blown Strategy

Add new accounts to your target list

The easiest way to start scaling up is to add more accounts to your target list. There are a few different ways you can do this, such as:

  • Applying your ABM strategy to another product line with the same company (best for larger organisations with multiple product lines)
  • Creating a sub-segment within your existing list for industry or company size
  • Adding new targets within the context of your existing list – look at your target’s competitors, suppliers and similar organisations.

Remember that successfully scaling up ABM relies on making smart decisions, not just fast ones. You need to focus on quality rather than quantity, and scale up gradually based on your marketing capacity and resources.


Set your sights on higher value customers

Targeting hundreds of low-value accounts can eat up all of your time, for low rewards. This is why it could be worth switching strategy, focusing on higher value accounts instead. You can scale up by creating a tiered ABM strategy, and simply step up to the next value level – taking it one manageable step at a time.


Use a blended ABM strategy

According to a 2018 report by the ABM Leadership Alliance and ITSMA, nearly 60% of companies used or were planning to use a ‘blended’ strategy to scale up their ABM efforts. There are three different approaches to choose from:

  1. One-to-One ABM – highly customised programs for individual target accounts
  2. One-to-Few ABM – lightly personalised programs for clusters of accounts with similar issues
  3. One-to-Many ABM – tailored marketing campaigns for specific accounts at scale, using technology to implement.

If you can incorporate at least two of these approaches, you’ll have the chance to increase your overall impact. The key is to find a balance between the resources at your disposal, and ABM strategies which cover the full range of accounts that your company considers the most profitable and important.


Find the right tools

If you plan to move towards a One-to-Many ABM approach or use it as part of a blended strategy, you’re going to need some help. Technology is your friend here, for everything from personalising content through to delivering a seamless buying experience. Look for intuitive tools which empower your sales and marketing teams to collaborate, and that deliver the insights you need to make smart decisions.


Need help scaling up? For better account-based marketing results, work with the experts at IT Focus. Get in touch to find out more.

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