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How to Successfully Expand a Small IT Business

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Tips for expanding a small IT business

However, it is very rare to find an IT whizz who is also a competent business person, leading salesperson and excellent coffee maker! In addition, and something we fully understand here at IT Focus Telemarketing; it costs a lot of money to establish or expand a business. This is money that has to be spent wisely and has to be capable of maximising the return on investment. It is all too easy to spend money in the wrong area and find that you are not able to generate sufficient revenue early on. As many of you may be aware, almost half of all new businesses fail within the first two years of establishment, the majority through lack of cash flow to keep the business afloat. There are a number of you out there, and you know who you are, who have tremendous ability and foresight. You are not only able to identify market trends but also market needs and, as a consequence, you are able to develop technology applications that will be of specific benefit to a number of end users. For some of you, your brainchild and product is of sufficient magnitude and could have such an impact on the market that you could create a whole business around it, or it could be a product you have been developing as a means to expand your current business.

So if you have an exciting IT product, what is going to be most important to you? The answer to that, obviously, is sales, and that makes obvious sense. So the next question is, how can you generate sales? Attached to that question should be an equally important codicil, and that is in a cost-effective manner. Your immediate thoughts may turn to a strategic advertising campaign and employing good sales staff, but this can be extremely expensive on two fronts. Firstly, advertising on the Internet is not cheap and secondly, sales staff require paying every month, irrespective of how busy they are.

If you haven’t come across IT Focus Telemarketing before then you might think there is no alternative, but you would be wrong as here we aim to provide an extremely cost-effective and highly-productive means of directly targeting the right sector of the market for your specific IT product or service. We specialise in telemarketing for IT and technology companies and our databases are specifically created for this sector in the market. They are kept religiously up-to-date and cater for both the B2B market and B2C market.

One of the greatest advantages of using our databases is that the leads we generate are from appropriate businesses and people who are well-qualified to make relevant decisions; they will help to give your sales staff extremely high conversion rates, thus enabling them to not only justify but also earn the salary pay them. It makes good business sense if the leads generated for your business from the very beginning are of the highest quality as we all know that time is money and wasted time is not something you want to be paying for. To find out more about the comprehensive services we can offer you at IT Focus Telemarketing, do get in touch, either by giving us a call or dropping us a message via this website.

We hope that you have found this blog helpful. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0330 058 0100 or alternatively head over to our contact page and fill in our online enquiry form.

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