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You already know how important carefully targeted marketing is. Your website is a good example. You wouldn’t optimize it to target bakers, for example, unless you had very specific bakery software packages to offer. Telemarketing is much the same. It’s not the number of people we contact on your behalf that gets results; it’s careful targeting so that the right people get to hear your message.

As specialists in telemarketing for IT and technology companies, we also have our own set of IT skills – and oodles of data on businesses around the world. But as with cold-calling, it’s not the volume that matters most. Smart data profiling is one of the secrets behind our success, and that translates into success for the technology companies we work with.

Using data profiling to identify your best prospects

Apart from having our own databases, we also have strong relationships with data brokers all over the world. But having data and actually understanding it are two different things. We can actually identify the IT infrastructure that businesses are making use of, and by understanding their technology and the infrastructure they’ve put in place, it becomes easier to identify their needs and how your product or service could meet them.

Offering a good product or service isn’t enough: it has to be the right fit

Here’s one response to our telemarketing efforts we very seldom hear: “Sounds good, but it’s not for me.” Why don’t we hear this? It’s because we specifically contact companies that genuinely need what your business offers. By showing an interest in their needs and demonstrating that we’ve done our homework, your prospective clients get the impression that you’re genuinely interested in their specific business and its needs and will give them great service – and of course, you are, and you will!

Let’s all focus on what we do best

You’re focusing on your core competencies in IT and technology, we’re specialists in telemarketing for IT and technology companies. The two fit together well, but they’re not the same thing. Apart from being way too busy with the nitty-gritty of your business to do really focused marketing, you’re a tech expert. We’re marketing experts. Clearly, there are different skills sets at work here.

A lot of people aren’t all that comfortable with “blowing their own trumpets” even though they’re aware of how good their businesses really are, and knowing just how they make life easier for their clients. But we’re ready to get enthusiastic about your business and all the things that set it apart from the run-of-the-mill. We carry this over to your prospective clients, providing you with a veritable fanfare that’s so sincere, nobody could possibly feel it’s contrived. It isn’t.

Find out what we can do for you

So far, we’ve been talking in a very general way, but what you really want to know is what our business can do for your business. We’re ready to answer that question based on your specific products or services and what you want to achieve from your telemarketing campaignLet’s talk!

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Our goal is to develop a thorough understanding of the technology that underpins the message you want us to deliver. By doing this, we can communicate your value proposition in a clear and concise manner to the people that are important to you: your future customers.

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