Telemarketing Techniques To Help You Reach Decision Makers

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One of the most critical aspects of telemarketing is making sure you’re talking to the right person.

You could have the most talented sales executive, a brilliant product and an irresistibly persuasive pitch – but it’s no good if you’re not in touch with the decision maker.

This is not only someone with the authority to make key purchasing decisions. It also means someone with a vested interest in your kind of product or service. So, you’re looking for a combination of purchasing power, authority and relevance.

But how do you get past gatekeepers, and actually reach these all-important decision makers? Here are some key telemarketing tips to start off with:

Telemarketing Tips To Reach Decision Makers

Do your homework

Calling up without at least a basic grasp on the structure of the company is a rookie mistake. It also marks you out instantly to a gatekeeper as a cold caller trying their luck. You need to understand who it is you need to reach, and who you need to get past to achieve your goal. So, put the time in to map out the key contacts in your target company, so that you’re fully clued up before you call.

Cut out the gatekeeper

Rather than try to convince the gatekeeper that your call is worth their boss’s time, why not cut out the middleman altogether? Technology has made it easier than ever to reach out directly to decision makers, through platforms like LinkedIn for example. Make that connection and set up a call.

It may take a little nurturing and back-and-forth before you get that crucial appointment in the calendar. But this time is well spent, as you’re building a relationship with a potential new client.

Avoid the hard sell

Gatekeepers have a finely tuned sense of when someone’s pitching a product or service to them, because it happens all the time. Obviously, this is the reason you’re calling, but you need to make your approach with subtlety. Avoid coming in with the hard sell, instead focusing on delivering a positive, professional introduction which gives just enough detail to leave them wanting more.

The key here is to focus on demonstrating solutions and benefits. In as snappy an intro as you can manage, you need to convince the gatekeeper that this is something their boss needs to hear about.

Put together a tailored approach which is very specific to the company you’re calling, and that could potentially solve one of their main pain points. If you create enough interest, you’ll get an appointment.

Be ‘professionally persistent’

There’s a fine line between being persistent, and being bothersome. You need to walk this line carefully, giving yourself every opportunity to reach your target decision-maker, but without annoying anyone. Remember that it takes around 6 touches to connect with a decision-maker, so base your strategy on that.

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