A Telesales Person Must Have This Right Skills to Represent Your Business

Telesales person
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Many people are under the mistaken impression that telesales is as easy as picking up the phone and doing a bit of talking. It’s not quite that simple. There’s a lot more to effective telemarketing than meets the eye.

4 essential telemarketing skills

Knowing you, understanding your customer

First and foremost, a telemarketer needs to have a perfect understanding of what you have to offer and how it addresses your customers’ needs. As specialists in telemarketing for IT and technology companies, we don’t just sit back and say we already know it all. Your business is unique. That’s why we often send our telemarketers to you for training.

Their task is to get information at source so that they’re armed with first-hand knowledge about what you do and how you do it. That way, when they contact a prospect, they can offer a clear and unambiguous message that explains why a potential customer should choose your products or services.

Reflecting your business image

When people speak over the phone, they can’t see each other. They can’t exchange a smile or shake hands. That makes achieving engagement from the person on the other end of the phone far more difficult. Apart from being able to get and hold a prospective client’s attention, telemarketers need to reflect your company’s image and even build on it.

We select our operatives with care, and we provide them with a great deal of training that’s specific to telemarketing besides ensuring that they fully understand your business. That means you can be sure of a telemarketing campaign that builds on your already sterling business image.

Communicating well

It would be easy to think that effective telemarketing is all about what the operator says, but we’ve found that good listening skills are just as important. One can’t just call someone, rattle off what is clearly a pre-prepared script that gets recited to every single prospect and expect results.

Our operators know how to listen actively, gaining an understanding of the prospect’s thinking as well as any concerns they may have and adapting their approach to suit the needs they identify. Yes, prompts do help to get the message across, but an individualized message is always more effective.

Being able to solve problems

Your business is there to help your customers solve their problems, and your telemarketing representatives not only need to know how it does that but must be able to think on their feet. Supposing a prospect listens to the whole pitch and then turns down the offer, giving a reason. Without being pushy, is there a counter-argument that would address this concern?

That’s where a good technical background contributes to mental and verbal agility. We are specialists in telemarketing for IT and technology companies, and although we don’t know everything (nobody could), our representatives have a solid grounding in technology and the issues surrounding it.

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