The Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Tactics

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The way you generate leads for your business will vary. However, there are a few cast-iron B2B lead generation standards which are tried-and-tested in helping to appeal to fellow businesses and growing clients in your industry.


The first rule is crucial. Get in touch with a B2B lead generation expert who can help you reach out to more firms more effectively than ever before. Let’s take a look at five of the most effective ways to harness the power of B2B lead generation, and why you should start putting them into place with immediate effect.


Give Away Freebies

Yes, everyone wants something for free. The same applies to B2B marketing! You can hardly go wrong by offering a free guide, tool, or even trial of your services through your website. Freebie giveaways may seem like an old tactic that has dropped off a little in recent years, but it’s a B2B lead generation mainstay which still pulls in traffic to your site. Give your clients a taste of what you can do, and interest will build around your brand.


Focus on Mobile

More and more people – business owners included – are using mobiles to browse, communicate and to actively run their lives online. Therefore, you must make sure that your lead generation in B2B has mobile use and mobile appeal as a key focus.


Make sure that your website, your online media, and any contact forms you have in place are mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you’re going to be alienating more than a few people who could be driving serious interest – and revenue – into your business. Do you want to take a chance at cutting off such a big revenue stream?

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Call to Action

One of the most effective ways you can always drive B2B interest is through the way you set up and manage your content. Think about how you end your blog posts. Do you finish with a call to action? If not, your content is just going to taper off.


We always advise that you end your posts with clear CTAs. Identify a need, present a solution, then give your readers a way to get in touch.


Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media still has a firm place, more so than ever before, in B2B lead generation. The way Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn run things is always changing. However, they help you drill down into the specifics of lead generation in B2B.


Our team always insists on using Facebook’s targeting array, for example, to ensure that you are appealing to very specific people and audiences. LinkedIn campaigns, too, might help you reach the most lucrative audiences for your business.


Boost Your Popular Content

Last, but not least, make a point of really pushing your content or services which are already popular. By really pushing your biggest assets to the forefront of your B2B lead generation strategy, you can be sure that you are enticing lucrative leads.


If you need help getting B2B leads in the New 20s? Make sure to call our team or to get in touch for a free consultation today.


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