The ultimate guide to account-based marketing

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One of the key rules in marketing is that you can’t appeal to everyone. And you certainly can’t reach an entire market with just one message. This is where highly targeted strategies such as account-based marketing come in.

What is ABM?

Account-based marketing is all about personalisation. The goal is to identify the best targets and craft a tailored approach. It involves concentrating marketing and sales resources on just a handful of potential clients, rather than spreading the net widely.

Effective ABM campaigns involve research, a high level of targeting and personalised campaigns that really resonate with their target audiences.

ABM isn’t a new strategy, but it has received a recent boost in popularity. Where previously it was only feasible for large companies with huge marketing budgets, ABM is now within reach for all kinds of organisations. This is thanks to advancements in marketing automation and the rise of big data, along with more sophisticated marketing tools.

The benefits of ABM

Account-based marketing is undoubtedly resource-intensive. It also requires a great deal of skill and expertise. However, if you sell to a few large, key accounts or within a specific industry, ABM could be well worth the investment. Some of the most persuasive benefits include:

Building a target list

The first step with ABM is to create a list of ideal clients. This could be companies you already work with, where you’d like to strengthen and grow the relationship. It could also be brand new customers you’d like to reach. Your key accounts list should be based on:

  • The kinds of clients that have generated the most revenue for your business in the past
  • Markets and sectors you haven’t yet penetrated
  • Key players operating in the same space as your best customers.

With your initial list complete, the next crucial step is to identify the key contacts within each company.

Managing customised campaigns

Account-based marketing involves a high level of lead nurturing. To attract the clients on your key accounts list and hold their interest, you’ll need to create customised campaigns. You’ll build personalised landing pages and craft your CTAs based on an understanding of the individual client.

There are a number of effective ABM tactics you can draw on. These include lookalike modelling (to find your ‘perfect customer’), social media marketing, personalised email campaigns and in-person networking.

You’ll also have the help of powerful tools, including marketing engagement software such as Engagio or 6sense. This kind of software helps to customise content and messaging, build personalised pathways for leads and track lead nurturing progress.

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