Things To Have On Your Website To Increase Conversions

Lead Generation
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Your website is a powerful tool for lead generation. Or at least, it should be. There are certain on-site basics that many companies overlook, which could really be helping to boost those website conversions.

Conversion Optimisations To Make On Your Website

So, is your website is optimised and working as hard as you need it to? Here’s a quick website checklist to help you increase your conversion rate in 2022:

  1. Strong CTAs

Persuasive CTA copy isn’t always easy to write, but it is crucial for conversions. These are the prompts for your audience to take the next step, which is hopefully to place an order or get in touch. It’s a good idea to do some testing to see what works best, but focus on using positive action language. Positioning is also important – make sure you always have at least one CTA above the fold to maximise your chances of conversion.

  1. A super simple email opt-in form

The emphasis here is on the simple. You need to make it as easy as possible to subscribe. Even the addition of one extra unnecessary field could decrease your conversion rate by as much as 11%.

  1. Carefully deployed pop-ups

When used cleverly, pop-ups give visitors important and timely reminders – which nudge them into taking action. A great way to use them is when someone’s about to click away. You can use them to gather their details before they go, or let them know about another product or service they may be interested in.

Just make sure not to go too overboard with pop-ups. They can easily become annoying, and that’s a sure-fire way to drive away an interested visitor.

  1. A Live Chat function

If you can answer a visitor’s question immediately, you have a great chance to score a conversion. Sometimes, all it takes to make a purchase decision is a little more info or the answer to a query. So, consider adding a Live Chat function to better engage those visitors that arrive at your site already in ‘buying mode’.

  1. Personalised landing pages

Every good marketing or lead generation campaign needs its own set of personalised landing pages. You can’t just send visitors to your home page. Instead, your landing pages should feel like the next natural step from where the visitor has just clicked from. They’ll provide messaging and information tailored to the exact campaign, which is just what visitors are expecting (and hoping) to find.

  1. Analytics tools

This one is for you, to help you track which visitors are converting – and if not, why not. Unless you know where the issues are, you can’t make improvements. Analytics, lead forensic and Reverse IP tools can all be incredibly helpful when optimising your website and boosting those conversions.

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