Think like a Consumer | Telemarketing 101

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How does it feel to exhaust your time and energy on someone that is not actually the person you are looking for? If you think solely like a marketer and forget that to think like a consumer, this is when a marketing campaign may go wrong. Effective telemarketing is not about what you want to say, it’s all about what people want to hear. Below we have compiled a list of all of the things that can save you time when telemarketing.

Top time-saving tricks and tips for telemarketing

Get to the point and ask relevant questions

It won’t help you or the person on the other end of the call, if you phone them up blabbering, let them know why you have called and they can let you know if they are interested, don’t try and push the sale. You will not only waste your time but the potential customer’s time too. Ask only questions that are related to the products or services that you are selling/providing. Whilst having this conversation, try and build a healthy relationship, even though they may not want your services or products at this present time they may keep your company in mind in the future.

Prepare for rejection

Instead of trying to keep the other person on the line, be prepared that people may turn you down. If you don’t come to terms with rejection being a part of telemarketing, then it can become incredibly discouraging. Obviously, the main goal is to be successful on the phone, but it won’t all just be plain sailing.

Ask good questions

Good questions can be integral to a good outcome of a call. Asking questions is a very underrated skill, this is, in fact, the top sales method. Especially if you are diagnosing an issue, rather than pitching. The customer will only want to hear relevant things rather than things they aren’t interested in at the current time.

Obviously, the above three tips are not going to make you win every sale but will help you save time so you can get more calls into your day. It won’t transform results overnight but in the long run, will be very beneficial and improve your chances.

If you were the consumer, what would you want to hear?

With your consumer head-on, you may think differently to how you would’ve before.

Empathy – take into consideration that most people won’t appreciate an evening telesales call, for instance, ask them whether they have time to chat or another time would be better.

Streamline – explain you only need 40 seconds of their time, then go into a special offer deal or round it up in a brief way so they don’t lose interest.

Close – if the person on the other end of the call expressed that they are interested then try and close the sale whilst they are still on the phone.

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