Tips to Optimise your Website for Lead Generation

Optimised Website
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Is your website working hard enough when it comes to lead generation? It’s no use putting all that work into driving traffic to your website, only to have visitors click away without leaving even a trace of contact information.

Before you look at optimising your website for lead generation, make sure you have all the basics in place:

  • Consistent, on-brand messaging
  • Strong web copy which compels the visitor to take action
  • A responsive website that looks good on every device
  • High-quality web design that creates a great first impression.

If you’re ticking all of these boxes, you won’t need to completely overhaul your website to start bringing in those leads. You can just carry out a few simple but effective tweaks, such as the following:

  1. Identify where most of your traffic comes from – then add forms

The easiest way to start boosting your website’s lead generation performance is to look at the traffic streams that are already working well. Where do most of your visitors come from – social media campaigns, blog posts or email marketing? Identify the most popular routes to your site, then build in forms and nudges to capture those contact details.

  1. Capitalise on visitor interest

Everything you do on your landing pages should aim to capitalise on the interests and motivations of your visitor.

If they search for a particular topic and end up on your site, you need to firstly make sure the content they find there is relevant to their search. Secondly, you need to lay out a trail of breadcrumbs to capitalise on this initial interest, giving them the chance to find out more, try something out for free or save money on what they’re searching for. All the while, you’re leading them along your lead generation funnel.

  1. Create more unique landing pages

Here’s a persuasive statistic for you. According to a survey by HubSpot, sites with over 30 landing pages generated around 7 times more leads than sites with just 1-5 landing pages. When creating unique landing pages for different products, customers and buying journeys, prioritise good design and persuasive CTAs.

Landing Page Design

  1. Don’t forget your home page

When it comes to lead generation, it’s not just your landing pages that’ll need a little TLC. Your homepage is crucial, as it’s at the top of your marketing funnel. Keep CTAs on your homepage simple, strong and general here. For example, offer a free trial or a newsletter subscription.

  1. Throw live chat into the mix

These days, website visitors expect a certain level of customer service. Incorporating a live chat service on your most popular pages can help you answer questions, start conversations and capture details at the same time.

  1. Test out your changes

Lastly but perhaps most importantly – test everything. Even a slight change of wording or a different colour combination on the CTA button could dramatically change your response rate. This is why for every tweak you make on your website, it’s crucial to run it through A/B testing.

If you’re not familiar with A/B testing, it simply means testing out one version of something on one group and a different version on another group. Analyse the results, and see which version is the most effective on your target audience.

For help generating more website leads, bring in the experts. Get in touch with lead generation specialists IT Focus – call us on 0330 058 0100.

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