Top 10 lead generation tactics for 2021

Lead generation tips
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We did it. We got through 2020 and it’s now the start of a brand new year. If you’re keen to turbocharge your lead generation efforts in 2021, we’ve put together a list of the best tactics to build into your strategy. Let’s get started.

  1. Do a quick 2020 review

What worked well in 2020, and what didn’t? Understanding how last year’s lead generation campaigns went can help you prioritise your resources for the coming year. So before you roll out anything new in 2021, sit down and reflect on how last year went.

  1. Take your events online

COVID-19 put the brakes on lead generation through in-person events in 2020, and it would be unrealistic to imagine much will change in 2021. But to look on the positive side, virtual events – from webinars to digital networking meetings – offer so many exciting possibilities for bringing in new leads.

  1. Get a grip on the data

The start of a new year is the perfect time to sit down with your data from the last 12 months. Analyse everything, from website performance to lead nurturing campaigns. Use this data to power your decisions in 2021.

  1. Personalise your content marketing

If you can personalise your outreach based on data on buyer intent, you could see amazing results this year. You can even use data from your own website – for example, how many times a company has visited your website and which pages they looked at. Build this information into a highly personalised data outreach plan.

  1. Optimise your site

If you’ve been putting it off, make 2021 the year you optimise your site for search. This is essential if you want to bring in more B2B buyers. Along with SEO, you’ll also want to set up Google Analytics to gather useful data, and optimise landing pages to convert visitors into buyers.

Google Search

  1. Bring sales and marketing into line

If your sales team were complaining about lead quality last year, it’s time to do something about it. Align sales and marketing, using similar metrics and improving communication, and you could start delivering higher quality leads – not to mention boosting revenue.

  1. Enhance lead nurturing with customer-centric marketing

In a nutshell, this means focusing on your target customer’s needs and wants above everything else. Sure, it’s time and resource intensive. But this kind of hyper-targeted, account-based marketing could deliver the lead nurturing results you crave this year.

  1. Build your brand with video

Been meaning to really engage with video marketing for a while? Do it in 2021. Videos are hugely useful for lead generation, allowing you to build your credibility, scoop more customers into your marketing funnel and even send personalised follow-ups.

  1. Save time with automation

Work smarter and deliver more personalisation in your lead generation with automation. Use tools for tasks that are easily automated (i.e. through CRM automation tools or chatbots to answer questions on your website) and save the rest of your time for more valuable work.

  1. Clean up your data

Make the best use of your time this year by cleaning up your lists. Use data cleansing to make sure you’re only working with the most accurate info, and enhance future campaigns using lead forensics and data profiling.

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