What is B2B Lead Generation?

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Whether you’re just starting out in business and need to get those first few clients on board, or if you’re just hitting a wall when it comes to onboarding new clients, it may be time to invest in business-to-business lead generation.

What is B2B marketing?

B2B marketing allows you to create meaningful networks with potential clients and customers so when you approach them, it’s more about soft selling something that you know they want, rather than going in with a cold call on the off-chance.

Advertising is not necessarily as easy as putting out an advert and hoping that your target audience will see it. You need to ensure that your advert uses the right channels to reach exactly the right people. Even then, making sure that your product or service stands out above the rest is vital.

What is B2B Lead Generation?

Lead generation services keep a record of the needs and contact information of a whole host of companies in every business area imaginable. They’ll keep track of the company’s trends, their goals and what they need to achieve success. They can then create valuable networking opportunities for other businesses wanting to work with these prospects, to ensure more successful sales conversations.

How Can B2B Lead Generation Benefit Your Business?

A lead generation service, whether outsourced or in-house, can help you reach the people that matter for your business. They’ll do the research into your key features, benefits, and your USP and match them with likely businesses that want exactly what you offer.

Higher Conversion Rate

Reaching the People that Matter

Because the lead generation process has already cross-referenced the potential companies with your own offering, you’re sure to be paired with the businesses that already want your services. This makes it easier to sell your product or service.


Your calls will be much more productive and more likely to end in a sale. 56% of contacts through lead generation result in a sale in comparison to just 15% of random cold calls.


Greater Networking Opportunities

Valuable Contacts

B2B lead generation provides you with the contact details of the person you need to speak to, negating the annoyance of being passed around to various people.Utilising this information effectively will help you to build valuable relationships with others.


Some lead generation services will offer an email follow up to a call, or an email funnel warm up. Because the email address of the exact person you need to speak to has already been recorded, these emails can be tailored directly to them, with their name and a recap of the conversation. Such personal service drives conversions, without seeming too pushy.

Customer retention

Customisation grows customer retention and brand loyalty, increasing the likelihood of recommendations, which leads us on to ‘future-proofing’.


Because of your friendly and personalised approach, a company is more likely to come back to you in the future, even if they can’t invest in your service at the time you make contact.


The benefits of generating B2B leads prior to contact are limitless, but essentially all these things add up to more profits for your company. Speak to the trusted team at IT Focus today to see how we can help you grow your business.

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